What can you do to protect yourself, when a target of organized gang stalking?

Change your life into a situation where you have as little as possible (planned) social interaction. Social interaction in a group makes you vulnerable, as often the various other members of the group will try and influence you. This is especially true for social interaction that is planned ahead, like a weekend away with friends or a planned job meeting. That will allow gang stalkers to do a “design 4 disaster”.

  1. Forget friendships or – at least – minimize the interaction with friends. Make a thorough assessment of who might be “in on it”. It is better to be alone. Beware of people who make comments that clearly say “they are not in on it”.
  2. Do not go on holidays or weekends away with friends. Also, avoid any form of holidays where you can not fully control where you are staying. A camper or tent might actually be the safest place to go. Keep moving. Travel around. Or stay at home and take a holiday just spending time and money on “nice things”. Especially avoid all-in resorts and holidays organized by “superficial” friends.
  3. The best people to meet are the people you meet when YOU are pro-actively approaching them (instead of the other way around). Avoid friendship with people who are placed by organizations in a group with you. Gang stalking organizations will influence who your neighbors, colleagues, team mates (sports), and classmates (school/training) are.
  4. Take a dog or other animal. Dogs are good for safety, both at home and outside. It also avoids you feeling lonely and keeps you physically active.
  5. Team sports. You might feel safer in a team, but you are not. Group dynamics will make you do things you would otherwise not have done (or aren’t you a team player?). Keep yourself physically healthy, but do so by taking on individual sports. Avoid sports where you need to change clothes or shower outside your home. Perhaps buying some fitness equipment at home is best. Cycling or running is another good idea (but avoid the same routes/routines).
  6. Work situations are difficult to maintain, as having a boss or leader makes you vulnerable. At work, you are supposed to do what your boss expects of you. And that is ideal for gang stalking. You will do what is expected and they might trap you, especially after a long day at work. Keep it simple. Jobs you can do alone or at your own home are best. Writing. Telesupport from home. Coaching people. Perhaps set-up your own business. Stay in control.
  7. Stop drinking alcohol or any other substance usage. Or only drink at home.
  8. Minimize the number of maintenance guys you hire to do jobs in your house. Do you really need a gardener or cleaning lady? Perhaps you can do more yourself. Buy equipment and books on household maintenance. It will save money and it is safer (more comfortable, no hassle with bullshit).
  9. Avoid financial debts. It is just another factor that can be used against you.
  10. Keep your savings. Do not invest in formal education or any other expensive investment “for the long-term goals”, like membership of a business club or an expensive car. You will spend your money, but will not get any long-term benefits. Keeping money in your pocket is key. Short-term cash flow. Money in the bank will make you less vulnerable for gang stalking. A master degree in business, it has only value when you are not a target of gang stalking.
  11. Assess how equipment with software can be used against you. Does your camera, phone or car tell the world where you are physically located 24/7? Intercom with camera’s at your door? Does your computer have a camera that in theory can be used to view you without you knowing it?
  12. Do not discuss sensitive matters over e-mail or phone.
  13. It is smart to dress conservative. Wear more layers. Natural material.
  14. Avoid routines outside and do not take the same routes every day. Do not buy groceries at the same shop ever day. Be unpredictable in terms of where you are during the week. It makes you less attractive as a target.
  15. Ignore them. Do not snap, interact, make jokes etc etc. Be boring for stalkers. It also helps prevent them saying “you are crazy or paranoid”. Ignore them.
  16. Music festivals, large clubs, large hotel chains, private parties at a friends house, art festivals, and musical concerts, are all not safe. Avoid sitting at the front row or back seat, as normal people around you might not notice what happens to you. These locations are hunting grounds for sexual predators.
  17. When meeting people, make sure you decide on the location. Let it be a larger horeca facility, but avoid large crowds (not a club packed with people, but a larger pub or restaurant might be fine). Look for a seat at the windows.
  18. Do not book sessions at service providers who do a one-person shop. Do not take coaching sessions at a persons home. Select a hair dresser with a larger salon, with multiple other clients in the same room with you. The same with medical professionals. Prefer larger outlets, so you are not alone with someone. Any service you could also do yourself: do it yourself. Do you need a massage, beauty treatment, hair dresser, doctor’s visit? When you are able to do it yourself, that is best when you are a target of organized gang stalking.

The best thing to do is to stay home alone, as unfortunately boring is better. Do not expect the police or security personnel to help you out. You are facing organized gang stalking, not a bad break-up with a jealous boyfriend.

The good news is, when more people decide it is better for them to stay at home, the less attractive a country becomes for gang stalking organizations. They strive by letting others a) do the work and b) the next day destroy the future potential of those who worked so hard. While you stay organized and get the job done, they only consider how to bring you down afterwards, when you are tired and need a weekend of rest. That is the main thing they do during the whole week. So when you do not do the work, they are left with nothing. Or do you think these people are able to organize for doing a job well, with good results? They do not have the skills. They need others to pay the bills, get organized, and do work for them, to get any results. So just leave them alone. They are nothing among themselves.



About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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4 Responses to What can you do to protect yourself, when a target of organized gang stalking?

  1. Bliksemafleiders stuif s in says:

    het is een club voor mensen die eigenlijk in een TBS kliniek thuis horen
    maar daar zitten ze niet. nee die achterlijkheid is zo nuttg voor de ontwrichting van een land als nederland, dus de meest agressieve achterlijke types worden opgenomen in het voetvolk leger.

  2. Hoe ze eruit zien says:

    Ten eerste kleding aanpassen. De kledingkeuze is vaak zo, dat duidelijk is in welke subgroep ze vallen (duidelijk kakker of duidelijk zwart alternatief of cheapy liploss dance hip).

    Ten tweede de haarkleur e kapsel. Deze mensen verfen erg vaak hun haar en doen dan de wenkbrauwen en wimpers ook. Je ziet er direct anders uit. Totaal ander kapsel en voila. Het haar met gel strak achterover kammen, dat suggereert dat je minstens 25 jaar bent, want het is een klassieke look. De haarkleur is een spoeling, zodat ze de vogende dag zonder problemen het eruit spoelen en er een andere kleur in kunnen doen. U ziet dat niet. Een baard van twee dagen bij de heren in combinatie met een andere haarkleur en kleding, je zou een buurman niet herkennen als die snel langs loopt. En wat denkt u van halflang haar bij de heren, wat ze ook heel handig met een fohn tot een korter lijkend kapsel kunnen maken. Of juist net in een staartje doen, waarna er een nap lange staart aan vast gemaakt wordt? Makkelijk en normale mensen bedenken het niet.

    U kent tegenwoordig van die zelfbruinings cremes? Zij hebben daar de beste varianten van. Zowel mannen als vrouwen dragen continue een foundation/zelfbruinende creme over het hele lichaam. Het is alleen niet altijd de beste kleur. De tinten kunnen zijn lijkbleek, of ietwat gelig, of net iets te bruin, of rood. Er zijn zelfs foundations met een wat korrelige structuur, wat de suggestie van pukkels heeft, zodat een 12 jarige eruit ziet als minstens 17 jaar oud.

    Waarom? Omdat het doel is u voor de gek te houden. Als zij niet herkent worden, hebben ze het gevoel superireur te zijn aan de persoon die “het niet doorheeft”. Kost dat niet veel tijd? Ja, ze zijn de halve dag bezig met hun uiterlijk en oppervlakkigheden. Aan echt werken komen ze niet toe. Daar bent u immers voor. U bent de sukkel die het niet doorheeft.

  3. Gang stalkers shit says:

    gang stalkers are in essence communists.
    he only way to avoid them, is to stop participating in the organized (planned) economy.
    avoid formal meetings, work contracts etc etc.
    live alone and by yourself. dont get money from social benefits. get your own money, by making your own money (trading, teaching, writing, any profession you can do alone from home).

  4. Wie is Femke says:

    Bij haar afscheid van de Tweede Kamer in 2011 heeft Femke Halsema gepleit voor uitbreiding van de parlementaire onschendbaarheid, ook buiten de Tweede Kamer en Eerste Kamer, overal waar een Kamerlid uit hoofde van zijn functie het woord voert.

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