Many claim Justine Bieber is a girl

There is evidence that suggests, Justin Bieber might be a girl. The music industry is filled with people who deceive the public. It seems to be a job requirement.



So why is it a job requirement for celebrities to deceive the public? Who is behind this insane policy?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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25 Responses to Many claim Justine Bieber is a girl

  1. Someone else says:

    Trannies in Dutch media?
    We suspect, we suspect a few.
    What do you think?

    Isa Hoes
    Medina Schuurman
    Prinses Laurentien
    Dinand Woesthoff
    Peter Lusse
    Mohammed Bouyeri
    Reinoud Oerlemans
    Andrea Luten
    Natalee Holloway

    Maybe ????

  2. NN at CNN says:

    in de categorie bullshit nieus maar toch zit er iets in.
    de afgelopen weken hebben we 2x en vogeltje dood op de stoep zien liggen in Amsterdam, iets wat we nog nooit eerder hadden gezien. Geen zochtbare verwondingen zo van een afstand, maar we hebben dan ook niets opgepakt en bekeken. Zag er niet uit alsof ze overreden waren oid. Lagen er rustig alsof ze sliepen. Worden die er neergelegd door occulte types, om het volk een verklaring te laten verzinnen? Zo gek zijn ze namelijk.

    overigens vinden we het wel weer leuk dat het om dode vogeltjes gaat. vogeltjes zijn symbool voor metselaars types.

  3. Celebrity Gossip says:

    For 1 sec I thought maybe Justin Bieber (born 1994) is this showgirl Jonbennet Ramsey, born in 1990 and killed in 1996, so they say. But the ears dont match. But with Selena Gomez the ears do match. Maud, have a look at it in more detail please. We might have figured out who is now Jonbennet Ramsey, as all these fake big stories of child murders are fake. The real victims are never talked about in the media. The real victims get the silent treatment, while the fakes, who likely committed crimes themselves, they get on a podium.

  4. Sorry but says:

    Does not it make more sense if Jonbennet Ramsey was already not who they say she is? Like she was a boy or a young woman? Most pictures she has so much makeup, we can already be fooled by that. Yes the ears are telling. Big ears, bit flappy and taller on the top half.

    • Sorry but says:

      like rihanna?
      nope the eyes are not a match though similar mimics nose and skull shape

  5. someone has an opinion says:

    selena gomez looks asian to me, with the eyes upwards.
    narrow eyes, the nose, the big lips, very thai.
    structure of the hair too, straight thick like rope, kinda asian perhaps south america.
    i dont care about the celebrity cultyre, but people will have to start realize all they learn in media is bullshit. also history is written as a story, BEFORE IT HAPPENED. hat can be done to the public, when all politicians and all media fooks are corrupt to the bone to the boner that is.

  6. someone has an opinion says:

    justin bieber could very well be a daughter of stine jensen
    i am sure they are not the same person but perhaps family members?

  7. anoñymo7sññ says:

    Wtf why do we even bother buy TV sets wtf my grandma was right TV is the devil
    My kids will not be allow3d near a concert or tv

  8. anoñymo7sññ says:

    the music industry is very fucked up.

    They lie about age skin color background gender anything.
    They enjoy to lie and lie and lie and rape and rape again.
    Not one normal person in the whole of media pop politics or anyone else in the news.
    It is a fake world
    Personally I have always felt it was a nasty fake world so didn’t watch the tele like most people. Now that I finally had a look god it is worse than I imagined. Wtf.

  9. North and South down below says:

    Kirstie Alley is a man yep we think so
    Way too much female hormones, puts on the weight.
    But this is a guy.

  10. North and South down below says:

    to be on tv one has to not only show to be a sexual deviant agressively
    but also show to deceive the public BIG TIME.
    so everyone is either faking gender, skin colour, age, playback singers etc etc.
    all is fake and that is what the bosses in hollywood and music land get a kick from.

    hey for all i know, hollywood isnt even the real big tv town they claim it is.
    likely many footage is filmed else in the world
    hollywood is expensive in terms of square metres, so why not go to cheaper places with large studios. many celebrities pretend to be from usa but in real life are from the netherlands. seriously.

  11. North and South down below says:

    they have trousers for men to hide the genitalia and make the upper-leg look a bit fatter.
    it works as long as the hips are covered with longer jackets (like ellen degeneres is always wearing)

  12. North and South down below says:

    celebrities who speak dutch or are dutch well likely at least have an identity as if they were dutch living in the netherlands……. we are not 100% sure but got some intell which suggests this for

    george clooney
    ellen degeneres
    robbie williams
    michael hutchence and farris brothers
    paula yates
    tom cruise
    leonardo dicaprio
    bob geldof
    bush family
    crew of Friends
    Kirk Cameron
    david beckham
    angelina jolie
    kim basinger
    val kilmer

    so the usa celebrity iluminiati group is filled with dutch speaking fooks.
    we know many presidents in the usa have a dutch family backgrounds.
    so likely they live partly in the usa and partly in netherlands?

    perhaps the dutch didnot really handover the usa to the uk back in the days we owned new york? perhaps the dutch amsterdam 250 years ago was cofounder of the illuminati, together with beieren, london, paris, rome and washington? have nt figured it out yet. but it did not make sense how we handed over new york to the uk back than…. also, amsterdam is very active in the illuminati scene.

    and dont they say the murder of wilhelm the silent was the start of the modern times? well, we have some questions about that murder too.

  13. North and South down below says:

    all this illuminati stuff really started around the colonial times and the french revolution. the founding fathers in the usa based the constitution of the usa on the dutch constitution when we became a republic (later a monarchy again, but hey we did the republic thing early on). before that, there were mainly jewish occult clubs operating worldwide, but they were frequently banned from various countries throughout history. but they want us to believe the seafaring nations of the dutch, uk, spain etc who conquered the world, they later on decided to just leave the colonies behind … because they were so nice to do so? isnt that been a lie? what is that? and now even the media is giving the general public in europe the idea that europeans are the worst of the worst in human history? what the fuck is that? the dutch conquered the world before the uk fleet decided to get involved in that business too. likely around that time the various elites from countries got together and decided they could make more money when forming an illuminati organization.

    questions we just have are:
    was wilhelm the silent really murdered or was that fake?
    were colonies given autonomy by the dutch, spanish, uk etc or was that fake?
    where is the illuminati seated and do these people really live?

  14. Not Jonbenet Ram says:

    kate perry is not jonbenet ramsey

  15. Robbie Jetteketet says:

    en Rob Jetten is ook niet de Jo Cox reincarnatie.
    Jo Cox is mogelijk een trannie faker muts, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat ze reincarneert in de politiek. Hoewel natuurlijk een overstap naar een ander land simpel is voor zo iemand.

  16. Inteeltballerina says:

    En Adele de zangeres is ook niet Rose van 2 1/2 men tv series.
    Ze lijkt er een beetje op maar is het niet.

    Wel is alles op tv fake gewoon fake, van reality shows tot true crime als peter r tot nos nieuws

    Maar al die lui lijken op mekaar want het maakt mekaar al 100 jaar onderling zwanger
    Zware inteelt, daarom hebben ze allemaal een grote neus, een linkse praat, en zijn ze klein
    Is inteelt programmeer toestanden
    Daarom stelen ze waarschijnlijk ook eicellen van kwaliteitsvrouwen en sperma van kwalitetesmannen, zodat ze hun genetische dna kunnen upgraden, terwijl ze volhouden dat de bloedlijnen intact zijn….. maar van inteelt krijg je niet de beste mensen…. en van vrouwenhaat en landverraad krijg je niet de beste nieuwe mensen in je organisatie.

  17. Trannies in politics says:

    is david beckham dan een homo ofzo?
    want victoria lijkt me een victor met hormonen?
    Maar david beckham zou nog eens gewoon een man kunnen zijn.

  18. Trannies in politics says:

    en pedofilie is ook gewoon een inteelt ziekte.
    pedofilie zit dichtbij psychpathy en lustmoordenaar
    het is geilen op het traumatiseren danwel dood maken van iemand
    psychopathy is een ziekte en deels erfelijk
    vandaar dat je satanische families hebt

  19. Voor Maud van mij says:

    Justin Bieber is played by the same actress as Emma in Those who kill series on tv.
    The blind victim chick. She looks alike.

  20. Voor Maud van mij says:

    Tessa Hoder

  21. Voor Maud van mij says:

    transgender identities are part of the thuggee lifestyle.
    cheap aggressive fake deceiving
    i feel sad for the small portion of that community that is not part of the satanic agenda
    but like gaydom, satanism plays a lare part in this culture.
    sad for real gays who want to live a decent lifestyle, but true
    when they talk about the love and spreading the love, they mean spreading torture selfishness and hate and rape etc etc etc . sad but decent people who are gay or trans, but it is true

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