Some say certain sectors are dominated by freemasonry. 100%.

  • Artists in general (every person earning a living as an artist).
  • Celebrities are all members (and any person on live tv is member).
  • Film industry.
  • Journalists writing for national papers.
  • Music industry and concert halls (locations with large audiences).
  • Politicians are all members (so every person on an election list).
  • Performance art (every person on a podium).

In other sectors (2), they try and dominate the sector, but can’t 100%.

  • Academia.
  • Architecture.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Banking.
  • Building industry (also plumbing and climate control).
  • Educational system.
  • Horeca (also larger hotels and clubs).
  • Insurance companies.
  • Journalism.
  • Justice.
  • Medical sector.
  • Police.
  • Public Transport.
  • Security firms.
  • Travel agencies.

In the second category of sectors, leadership positions are all taken by freemasons. They can make sure you have to deal with freemasons (they can plan and schedule freemasons on your job, class, shift etc.).

Why do you think politicians want insurance companies to manage coordination of health care provided to their clients? To obtain full control over medical care. The same motivation they might have for implementing the OV-chip card (control).

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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7 Responses to Some say certain sectors are dominated by freemasonry. 100%.

  1. Kaaskop says:

    Het zegt alles. je zusje moest van de VWO school naar de MAVO omdat het broertje van Pieter bang was, dat er een kans zou zijn, dat het zusje erachter kwam wat jou werd aangedaan, en dat dit dan tegen haar gebruikt zou worden, ook al worden dat soort mensen 24/7 geholpen en helemaal beveiligd en doet de school alles om de kinderen van rijke mensen extra comfort te bieden. Ze staan geen seconde alleen en altijd zal er hulp voor ze komen, Maar de kleine kans dat je zusje erachter zou komen wat Maud was aangedaan en dat het zusje dan de moed zou hebben haar te confronteren, neeeee, dat is al teveel voor de tere kinderziel van de Gooise tutten. In groepen mensen kapot stalken is oke, maar dan moet er wel 0,000000 kans zijn dat ze ooit er maar 1 seconde een nadeel van kunnen ondervinden, zoals een lastig gesprek met mijn kleine zusje. Nee stuur dat kleine zusje maar naar de MAVO, voor de zekerheid. GVD. Zo rollen die dus. De zogenaamde leiders van morgen willen ze opleiden en dan doen ze dit. Alleen aanvallen als je tegenstander met de rug naar je toe staat, alleen is, van niets weet en geen aanval verwacht, gedrogeerd is, de hele week 70 uur gewerkt heeft en bekaf is, en jijzelf een hele groep hebt om je heen. Je wilt namelijk 0,000000 kans hebben dat iemand iets terug kan doen. zelf vinden ze het heel stoer. en een teken van hun superioriteit. O ja, ze zeggen ook nog eens niet wie ze zijn, zodat jij niet weet met wat voor soort lui je van doen hebt. white trash.

  2. someone says:

    vergeet kunstenaars niet.
    dat zijn ook bijna allemaal van die metsel types
    vrije seks enzo geen moraal enzo
    wie kiest er nu voor de opleiding van kunstenaar in deze tijd?
    alleen types die weten dat ze vanuit het systeem met werk aan de handel geholpen worden
    kortom, mensen zonder moraal die voor wat hoort wat doen tot in het extreme
    anders begin je niet aan een kunstopleiding, maar leer je een vak en doe je het in de avonduren

  3. i know says:

    i know two persons who works in this industry, so do not forget this one.
    child care industry. it should be on the list.

    the child care industry is filled with satanists.

    both the persons i know, they are also into drugging children (100% sure) and torturing children and sexual abuse of children. so that is 2 out of 2 who are really into satanic pedophile networks.
    1 studied orthopedagogiek and she works in social care of children (the system and schools).
    1 studied economics and works in management of day care of todlers.
    i know this, as both of them were into satanism when they were still in puberty themselves. 100%
    the satanist network really encourages their members to work for the system, as working for the system makes it easier to abduct and control people for satanic abuse.
    also, the satanic network wants to make sure they control the netherlands (and other countries) by having control over the system in all sectors necessary to have control by guerrilla techniques.

    we have foreign powers who control our country but people dont even know this.

  4. NN says:

    the Justice department it is totally satanic, worse than the police.
    That is where they organize the abuse of people.
    They deliberately abduct pretty kids from their parents, just for abuse reasons.
    They deliberately protect sadists and pedophiles and loverboys, anyone who can help deliver rape meat to the satanists.
    They deliberately destroy the lives of targets of satanic gang stalking.
    The Justice department is where the satanism is organized.

    Also, the Illuminati literally are managing our country.
    Politics is all fake, their jobs is to deliver the change required by the agenda.
    Justice department is working on protecting the worst criminals and destroying the lives of anyone who might knbow too much about what is really going on.
    These people that are satanists, al of them, they pretend to be responsible and leftwing, but really they are communists and enjoying anything aggressive that destroy anything, from gang rape to slavery to pedophile networks, they in on all of it.

    Why they get away with it? The media, the system, and the polic are lieing about them en and they always look like they are the victim. Beware of people who are not really hurt by life, but continuously do the best they can to have a face as if they are suffering and are the real victims. Those who play that acting trick on you, they are the worst criminals.

  5. NN at Tros bananen says:

    How they operate? They have the system make sure, you are always placed in groups where you are surrounded by masons, so you are the only person “not in on it”, but you do not now this.
    that way they try and manipulate you, but for sure you feel you have no strong friendships ever, even when you are socially active and pro-active and outgoing…
    you become more and more isolated but do not know why, as all the people you meet, are secretly friends of each other (in on it) and will never be real friends to you. they are fake friends, so you socialize for a while with them (waste your time) until you realize it will never be oke.
    they start treating people like that from the age of 12 years onward.

  6. NN at CNN says:

    Donot bother try and connect with them or try and have then contribute to anything
    they do not connect with other people except with their own occult friends
    the rest of their social interaction is purely meaning to distress or stalk or lies or superficial bull
    so for people who are not members of occult clubs, it is totally boring to interact with them\
    they are always negative superficial fake parasiting on other peoples work or demanding enormous amounts of energy from others…. it is never relevant or interesting

  7. orange angles says:

    this can only become real
    when all organizations where you can become member
    are controlled at highest level by the stalkers (terrorists)
    so what happens when you do sports at a small local company (owner = teacher)?
    i am sure they control the student sports facilities that are large
    they control all the student member associations, so they can put you in groups there
    they control the universities, yes for sure
    they control the police, sure i believe that
    but they can not control all mamma and pappa shops
    people should focus on doing business with the mamma and pappa shops

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