Game of Thrones, what values do they teach?


The most popular tv show at the moment. It has everything: sex, violence, costumes, war tactics, politics, murder plots, soap love stories, family values, fantasies, humor & wit …

This is a show made to be popular. They invested heavily. Often when tv shows are expensive in production, there is an agenda.

So what are the values this tv show is selling us?

  • Bloodlines are important, even if blood connections are unknown. This is why the true identities of some of the characters are kept unknown for many years.
  • Prophecies shape history. Understanding the old riddles and fulfilling these prophecies is what real heroes do. The Lord of the Light.
  • Heroes that are not from noble backgrounds, are only heroes because they are 100% loyal to their kings and/or lords. When no noble blood, you are who you serve, or not.
  • Many noble men (especially men) have unique gifts, like the courage of Jon Snow, visions of Bran Stark, and the mother of (fire) dragons.
  • Large changes come from (they are so progressive!) noble leaders, like the abandonment of slavery, the alliances with the wildlings, the great wall.
  • To save mankind, all the kingdoms need to fight together in the great war: “There is only one war that matters!”. Call it a global government.

It is a good tv series, but it is deliberately shaping how we should view international politics and political change in history. They want us to believe in the Lord of the Light. And they want us to follow the so-called elite, as destiny has already been defined. Ignore prophecies and your entire civilization will be brought down? Many players in the series dedicate their life to realize their (prophesized) goals. It is odd.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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13 Responses to Game of Thrones, what values do they teach?

  1. now listen says:

    yeah right
    the socalled elite who would strive for abandonement of slavery?
    not so sure
    they are extremely conservative even against women still
    we do not know why.
    but they view women is sex slaves or breeding chicks for kids.
    the socalled elite has extreme conservative views against women
    likely because they are also pro slavery so their view of work and sex requires some sort of power over people, so for women they want them to be half death

  2. Looney Clueney says:

    They also teach us how women are victims but can still grow to become leaders

    And Ser Bronn played by Flynn is also playing a role in Lew series Magnum Opus this season
    But again, they pretend like it is another actor !!!! Yeah, really again

  3. Looney Clueney says:

    And they gave
    lots a make up and now she plays also in lewis episode magnus opus???
    she plays the wife of the first victims? or are we mistaken? not 100% sure.
    but they do this shit all the time, pretending different ages and nationalities and gnder for actors.
    tv is all fake all of it is bullshit
    they have make up and rejuvenation methods we dont have as normal people

  4. MeNNtal Theo says:

    Gamer of Thrones prophecies

  5. MeNNtal Theo says:

    Media shows are agenda. Whoch often means that shows after many successful ears end in a way not serving the stories and fans, but serving an agenda.

    1) Pretty Little Liars. The real plot would have been the church in the centre of town organizing al the trouble. But no, they wanted atransgender, as that is agenda these days.
    2) Game of Thrones. The stories of these persons dont end in logical or story telling evolvements….. No, they want prophecies to be fullfilled and people to have the purpose they intended. As a result, these are all weak stories, witj everyone a small hero role, only to show the fans how prophecies are ment to come true, no matter how cheap the stories get because of it.
    3) The Mentalist. Red. Real fans cant believe how the mystery if RED ended. Yeah! We even thought the real RED was still alive and hidden so the last season agan there would be a good U turn and it woul;d get us exited again. But no. The dull plot line was the real plot line all along.

  6. Norbert from Martijn is says:

    so if varys is played by swimmer Hansje who is said to have died of cancer
    and jon snow is played by 90210 star with the sad eyes.
    why isnot tinkebell the artist playing ross the prostitute?
    so really game of thrones is played by mainl dutchmen?
    is that what we are saying?

  7. Norbert from Martijn is says:

    we are under the impression that hollywod is actuall in the netherlands?
    or are european actors just learning languages mothertongue from an early age?
    so the can play european roles as well as hollywood roles?
    all i know is hollywood actors are very often not american.

    who are not american?
    not george clooney
    not brad pitt
    not tom cruise
    not julia roberts
    not cersie lannister actor

    many shows are taped in the netherlands, even when you think not.

  8. Game of Orange says:


    yonger malcolm mcdowell really looks like theon from GoT

  9. Game of Orange says:

    theon greyjoy

  10. Superficial says:

    Emilia Clark from Gae of Thrones
    is also Tony Danza from who is the boss.

  11. Superficial says:

    The older lady Tyrell the sassy old lady who killed Geofrey
    She is Mona from who is the boss
    Same actress fifferent name
    They gain 30 kg take different hormone mix
    Do a new make-up layers (plastic so the wrinkles dont show)

    Anddddd off you Go (again)

    Here I go again on my own.

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