Game of Thrones, what values do they teach?


The most popular tv show at the moment. It has everything: sex, violence, costumes, war tactics, murder plots, soap love stories, family values, fantasies, humor & wit …

This is a show made to be popular. They invested heavily. Often when tv shows are expensive in production, there is an agenda.

So what are the values this tv show is selling us?

  • Bloodlines are important, even if blood connections are unknown. This is why the true identity of some of the characters are kept unknown.
  • Prophecies shape history. Understanding the old riddles and fulfilling these prophecies is what real heroes do. The Lord of the Light.
  • Heroes that are not from noble backgrounds, are only heroes because they are 100% loyal to their kings and/or lords. You are who you serve, or not.
  • Many noble men (especially men) have unique gifts, like the courage of Jon Snow, visions of Bran Stark, and the mother of (fire) dragons.
  • Large changes come from (they are so progressive!) noble leaders, like the abandonment of slavery, the alliances with the wildlings, the great wall.
  • To save mankind, all the kingdoms need to fight together in the great war: “There is only one war that matters!”. Call it a global government.

It is a good tv series, but it is deliberately shaping how we should view international politics and political change in history. They want us to believe in the Lord of the Light and they want us to follow the so-called elite, as destiny has already been defined. Ignore prophecies and your entire civilization will be brought down.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Game of Thrones, what values do they teach?

  1. now listen says:

    yeah right
    the socalled elite who would strive for abandonement of slavery?
    not so sure
    they are extremely conservative even against women still
    we do not know why.
    but they view women is sex slaves or breeding chicks for kids.
    the socalled elite has extreme conservative views against women
    likely because they are also pro slavery so their view of work and sex requires some sort of power over people, so for women they want them to be half death

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