Isn’t that ridiculous? A guerrilla war against own population through the system? A joke?

This is ridiculous. It can not happen. It is just no so? But in theory, how can one organize a guerrilla war against own people through the system? Without the people even knowing about it? Why? For slavery motives? That is an insane theory. But let’s explore this line of thinking.

  • Involve families that are the richest of a country. They want to expand their power and capital into the next generation.
  • Infiltrate the media world to an extend, where one can fully control media.
  • Allow only people from your own network, to become famous. This includes stars in the worlds of sports, culture/arts, films, tv, academia. Anyone who rises above the average, is only allowed to have further success, when they are “in on it” and have proven it (there is a file to bring them down when necessary). Anyone who does not fit the profile, their results are not acknowledged as their success.
  • Organize an education system, that only provides knowledge on how to do work (earn money), but does not share knowledge with students on how the system really works.
  • Create a disruptive Justice system? The most aggressive criminals are not arrested, since lust murderers and pedophiles and sadists help to create unrest among the population. In the mean time, drug dealers and gamblers and loan sharks and gun sellers are arrested, so that this part of the business can be organized by system controlled mafia?
  • Create a guerrilla army, made up of three categories of people. First, those that are financially highly dependent on the government, like the longterm unemployed, artists, longterm illness, government officials (teachers, nurses, etc.). Second, higher educated people with ambition, who realize their careers can easily be blocked. And third, people with criminal needs, like drug addicts, pedophiles, lust murderers, sexual predators.
  • Media and politics work secretly together. Policies are developed to facilitate an agenda, which is sold to the people through media.
  • Certain sectors in the business world, are controlled too. The business world adjusts their product offerings to the people, when the agenda requires it. Examples are RFID-chips and software in products, to help control consumers (the people). For instance, watching tv through internet, allows the system to monitor what people are watching.

Of course, all of the above is not really happening. But some conspiracy theorists are worried these developments are a slippery sloop.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to Isn’t that ridiculous? A guerrilla war against own population through the system? A joke?

  1. Cryptogram says:

    Guerrilla war against your own?
    I often thought it was a strategy of jew against the jewihs.
    no idea why, perhaps also not true.

    But who is said to be fascist?

    – Charlie Chaplin, they say he was antisemitic.
    – Adolf Hitler, antisemitic, but many say he was also half jewish.
    – Prince Claus of the Netherlands, fascist they say, but he is also half jewish.
    – Princes Maxima, fascist dad they say, but she looks jewish.
    – Mel Gibson, hollywood brand
    – Charlie Sheen, hollywood brand
    – Coco Chanel (CCC, so freemason?)

    they have me confused

  2. WHO IS THE BOSS says:

    We are not an independent country, but ruled by foreign powers for centuries, but without the people knowing it. The royal family and political leaders (puppets from the same families over and over again), work together with foreign powers. They rule the country for 2 purposes: 1) profit as much as possible from the Netherlands, either through taking in tax money or by maximizing profit from companies they own largely; 2) provide the global agenda rolled out in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is first with many progressive ideas, in fact the ideas are sold as “the Dutch do this and it works” like with neo-liberalization, health care insurance, euthanasia etc etc. All aimed at the global agenda and at making as much money as possible from Dutch people.

    To learn who is ruling you really, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

  3. NN says:

    masons. all nobility, jews

    and sadistic criminals (rapists pedophiles lust murders etc etc).

    community whom spreads misery over countries worldwide

  4. NN says:

    pedopilia is really the worst kind of sadism.
    they want to destroy a defenseless person for the rest of their life.
    it really is lust murder aimed at kids

  5. NN says:

    imagine organizations aimed at giving these creatures all facilities to do most damage to our people (our kids), as a guerrilla war tactic.

  6. chip says:

    that is a good idea
    they should have the freemasons RFID chip the children of america
    because that makes life very safe and secure

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