What sectors are controlled by the freemasons?

  • Academia
  • Arts
  • Banking
  • Building industry, especially plumbing and architecture
  • Clubs, from dancings to sports clubs to student associations
  • Educational system
  • Film industry
  • Hotels, especially the larger hotel chains and holiday resorts
  • Justice system
  • Media
  • Medical care
  • Oil
  • Politics
  • Psychiatric health care
  • Telco companies

The objective is to control populations of entire countries. Also, they want to be able to easily adbuct people, without getting noticed.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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7 Responses to What sectors are controlled by the freemasons?

  1. fake men do cry says:

    fuck you copy cat ma man

  2. no no no says:

    useless fuck-ups paid by tax money direct or indirect
    art sector the same
    please look at a city like amsterdam
    it is insane how many people are dependent on tax money fuck ups
    they are all helping corruption of the worst kind
    why is amsterdam known for pedophile sex worldwide like bangkok?
    thats the answer
    too man people dependt on government money
    and they chdecide as a lifestyle to support the corruptive system
    thats why they move to amsterdam and other corrupt cities
    because there are large communities in the sex industry
    most sex workers are drugged and raped multiple times daily
    the sex industry is based on women being drugged and sold off
    everyone in amsterdam government knows that
    it is slavery and they support it

  3. you forgot something says:

    journalism should be on the list
    also private detectives
    computer companies (ICT is big time in on it)
    security companies

  4. “control” these sectors?
    it is about several things:

    – being able to rape or destroy another citizen when they like, for fun.
    – manipulating policies either for control over the people and/or for easy benefits
    – profiting from public money without doing the hard work for money coming your way
    – manipulating public opinions (to get away with anything) to facilitate the rest

  5. total parasites and proud of it.
    the more stealing deceiving, robbing and raping, the higher they think of themselves.

  6. they are sadistic psychopaths, which explains the need to torture people, rape kids, implement drug related slavery (psychiatric drugs are often used on victims who thus have no memory of them being gang raped etc etc). This is normal for many participants in these sectors. They are provided with drugs by international terrorists (often working national, but part of a global network) who use the native psychopaths and their tendencies, to attack our country and people. When you give gang rapists the ultimate facilities and drugs, it is a solid way to organize a genocide where many will participate. In the Netherlands, likely 3-5% of the population is into satanism. The number of people involved in the genocide, pedophile networks, group rapist, sex slavery, gang stalking, is much higher than people are willing to believe. 5% is very likely. And these people are involved in so many crimes and the worst crimes thinkable, none of them should get less than a life sentence. Due to their links to the justice system, they will never get prosecuted. Maud will get prosecuted for opening our eyes. But he worst criminals will not get prosecuted. Are you oke with it?

  7. i read about apartheid and yes it is. the worst criminals set up a system of apartheid. they are the worst of the worst but obtain positions in the system, often through their family, cause they aint hard workers they are not.

    it is indeed like the roman empire. slaves and nobility. the “nobility” just enjoy themselves with cruelty beyond normal human behavior. they are animals. this concept of apartheid and slavery and cruelty for fun, it is so not western eurpoean, most people dont believe it. but for this subcategory of creatures in our society it is normal. and they do it for many generations now. they know they can only get away with it through government protection. immunity. it is a satanic group of people who only give the highest government jobs to members of the same group.

    We must start to realize, you can maintain western civilization and maintain our present wealth, with these creatures around. Because they are 100% untrustworthy. And trust we need, for taxes, government spending, justice system, business investments, specialization in the workforce, any form of organization. Imagine, we pay 65% taxes and none of our government systems are working properly, all of them look the other way when they see organized pedophile networks. Educational systems have degraded to a level that our enemy wished for us. The same with healthcare and privacy.

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