So is Jack Nicholson 24/7 a crazy fuck-up, or are we being played again? (or is it both?!!)

Jack Nicholson in Amsterdam 

Maud told us something, we now start to believe. She didn’t want to bring it forward herself in the past, as she has no pictures of it and she was afraid she would not be believed. When she brought out the fiction novel “Dag Licht” in 2011, the next day, helicopters were circling her house, and even at night. They tried to intimidate her, by getting so close, she thought they were landing on the rooftop. [Well. they can try.]



A few days later, Maud decided to leave the house again during the day, as it was weekend and many people were on the streets. She felt relatively safe. Once she reached the Amstel, a man turned around who was standing on the pier in front of Carré theatre. He smiled at her and she recognized Jack Nicholson (the smile from the Shining was there). He started talking to her. It went something like this.

  • Jack: This helicopter [One had followed her, while walking]. 
  • Maud: I don’t know why, it looks like they are following me. 
  • Jack: There must be something. What did you do? 
  • Maud: I have no idea. I just wrote a book. It is fiction. 
  • Jack: But the helicopters are real. 
  • Maud: The book is fiction. 
  • Jack: The helicopters are there. 
  • Maud: So we are not imagining them, that’s good. 
  • Jack: [laughing] No they are real. 
  • Maud: [Feeling a bit uncomfortable] It’s the best op the two options. Better than imagining them. 
  • Jack: Yeah. [laughing] 
  • Maud: [wanting to walk away]. 
  • Jack: So you took the blue/red pill. [Maud can’t remember which one he said]. 
  • Maud again: The book is fiction. That’s all I know. [Not sure which one the red and the blue pill were at the time, mixing both up. She wanted to take the blue pill, but didn’t remember it right. As a result she didn’t clearly answer the question. But her life didn’t go back to normal afterwards.

And while she walked away, Jack turned around again. And that’s the whole story. We are tempted to believe her, as many celebrities stay at the Amstel Hotel, which is close to that specific spot along the Amstel river. The helicopters were there the rest of the week.

If this is true, Maud has been thrown into some Illuminati shit. Hollywood is Illuminati shit. Jack Nicholson is Hollywood, for a long long time already.

Jack Nicholson in the media

Now look at it differently. Imagine, you are a famous movie star, who has played various sorts of roles. Most people saw “The Shining” and saw “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. Scary shit. After starring in films like that, you can influence the media a bit.

What do you want next? More films? Being remembered as an actor who was great at all sorts of films? Likely. So what do actors do to remain on the “wanted list”? Stay relevant. Be in the media. And make sure all sorts of pictures are out there, to avoid being “type casted”. Actors who have performed like that, can try to avoid “type casting”. We imagine Jack Nicholson does like playing a mad man, but you don’t want to be the actor known mainly for “excellent at being the fucked-up lunatic in movies”.



So why are ALL the pictures of Jack Nicholson online showing him making a mad man’s face? Like he is fucked-up crazy. Some pictures we understand, but when most poses on the internet are showing him making a face, this is how we see Jack Nicholson.

Now why do that? We are wondering. There is something odd about this marketing choice (because it is marketing and it is a choice for someone with his background).



Why oh why does Jack Nicholson only want the world to see his “crazy man” face?



And when he is not making a face, he is wearing dark glasses. Again, not the best choice. After a certain age, what your eyes expres, is what makes you interesting to viewers. He way too often makes a face and covers his eyes for the camera (posing, with glasses on).

Some other actors do it too, like George Clooney: Always the smooth looking Ocean-guy. Making practical jokes. Why? Don’t they want a variety of roles? Or do they?


ps. The red pill or the blue pill (meme from the movie The Matrix). The choice between the red pill and the blue pill. It is a choice once made, one can not go back. The choice between: 1. Red pill: Knowledge, freedom, and the brutal truths of reality (being part of the occult); 2. Blue pill: Security, happiness and the blissful ignorance of illusion (being a tax payer with no idea what goes on behind the scene). 

pps. Jack Nicholson played the joker in Batman (Michael Keaton) in 1989 with Kim Basinger. George Clooney played Batman in 1997. The joker in Batman indeed is again a mad man.

ppps. Some people mistake Jack Nicholson for Terence Hill, but they are 2 different actors. Terence Hill is actually from Venice, Italy (1939). Jack Nicholson is from 1937 (New York). 


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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15 Responses to So is Jack Nicholson 24/7 a crazy fuck-up, or are we being played again? (or is it both?!!)

  1. Batman is joking says:

    so batman = joking ???

  2. Buur van haha says:

    so who is gay? clooney or jj jackson?

  3. Buur van haha says:

  4. Buur van haha says:

  5. Buur van haha says:

    The Godfather “it should be an Italian actor” playing it.
    Says Jack Nicholson in the interview.

  6. Buur van haha says:

    he reminds me a bit of terence hill from bud spencer movies.

  7. AndyDandy says:

    I was thinking George Clooney. but “not that sure”.

  8. AndyDandy says:

    Also, have a look at Paul Newman and Harrison Ford.
    They really look alike. I have not studied it, but maybe we should.
    The eyes.
    Uneven jaws.
    Nos points to their right trouser pockets.
    yeah maybe worth to do a small study and be sure.

    fuck them hollywood fuckers

  9. Buuv J says:

    ik heb nog eens gekeken.

    jonge hand van vonderen van de shorts
    is een andere als de 1985 hans van vonderen van de shorts
    gewoon niet dezelfde kerel hoewel ze wel enigzins lijken

    lichaamsbouw totaal anders
    stem totaal anders
    beweging en stijl van bewegen is anders.

    gezicht heeft wat overeekomsten maar is m niet gewoon niet
    haar lijkt nog het meest op elkaar
    dan stop je daar flink wat make-up op
    doe kleding aan die de lichaamsbouw verbloemen.

    kennelijk vond de eerste hans het welletjes en wilde die even wat anders doen
    dan zoek je een vriendje die even invalt
    er is vast wel een delftse student te vinden die ook frans spreekt…

  10. Bezoek van Buuv J says:

    o ja joh? en welke is deze dan?
    heeft ie daarom zoveel make-up op die neus lijkt wel plastic
    met die knalroze listick wat een performer zeg jee
    wel lachen dan

  11. Sorry hoor says:

    is he leonardo di caprio his dad?
    i would not be surprised. same eyes.

  12. Hee Maud heb je Pieter gezien says:

    Maud Maud Maud

    ik wilde je nog vragen
    heb je Pieter te B eindelijk al herkend
    die van je huis in groningen ????
    nee dat je niet weer iemand anders aanwijst maar het eindelijk gewoon eens ziet
    pfffff poe poe dat werd tijd
    die had je niet verwacht ofzo?
    Kom aan.

  13. Jack Down Hill says:

    Jack Nicholson, volgens mij de baas van de wereld ofzo.
    Illuminati no 1 or so.
    Not Terence Hill on his roller blades …..

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