How odd, why do so many people do transvestigations? Are we blind? Are we being fooled? What is this?

  • Sarah Jessica Parker. Not a classical beautiful woman. A famous actress.
  • Why do so many people on the internet say she is transgender?
  • And if she would be a man, who could there be underneath?
  • Why would she do this?



Let us do a thought experiment. Lets compare Sarah Jessica Parker with a big manly man, who looks a bit like her. Just to see if a man could play her role as Carry Bradshaw.


Left fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker. Right male look-alike sporty Jeff Schroeder. 


We know adding female and/or male hormones to your diet, can change a lot in how a person looks. Also, gaining weight and weight loss change the appearance of a person. Make-up, hair, and clothes will do the rest. Changing the voice is most difficult.

Perhaps Sarah Jessica Parker has family members she did not tell us about?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to How odd, why do so many people do transvestigations? Are we blind? Are we being fooled? What is this?

  1. Sarah Jeff Schroeder Parker says:

    Hollywood and New York and Washington
    it is a small world
    as an unknown actor, it is pointless to go to Hollywood with a dream of becoming famous
    these families allow only their children to become famous.

  2. sometmes says:

    also Brooke Shields looks kinda like Leonardo diCaprio, but they ARE NOT the same person.

    sometimes they have 1 person play 2 celebrities roles.
    sometimes they have 2 persons play 1 celebrities role.
    sometimes 2 persons do look alike, as they are half the time family (these celebrities are more than you think related to each other, it is a few families that are allowed to send kids to Hollywood)
    and yes, many Hollywood actors are actually from the Netherlands.

  3. Fake hoos says:

    these are trannie actresses faking to be concerned about women rights.
    when you are n hollywwod, it is because ou dont mind the worldwide war on women
    you have been in on all the forms of sex discrimination and voilence, else you would not be on tv

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