What drives people who join satanism?

What is a satanic culture? They continuously tell lies about literally everything. That is a normal way of conversation for them. But what else?

  • They have an endless need for attention and roles as celebrities provide it.
  • They feel powerful when treating others openly like shit (and get away with it).
  • They enjoy aggressive behavior and love to torture others.
  • They enjoy leaving others in the dark, keeping information to themselves.
  • They enjoy aggressive sex and specifically sex with children and sex slaves.
  • The women members, enjoy seeing other women and children being raped.
  • They want to bring down Western civilization, because they hate our culture.
  • They enjoy playing the role of the victim: crying and complaining loudly.
  • One of their objectives is to reintroduce slavery, as they want to own people.
  • They feel safer doing the above in a group setting, so their victims are helpless.
  • They enjoy not doing real work, but seeing how others do all the work.
  • They insist on being treated with respect, as they treat others with disrespect.
  • They praise people for things they are not good at, to turn everything around. The ugliest tranny is “a beautiful woman” and the stupid fuck-up a “smart professor”.
  • They enjoy destroying other’s property or rape or any other crime, after which they are the once’s offering help to the victim, since “someone did that to you! terrible!”.
  • They enjoy the sense of power over other people, that comes from being disrespectful towards others, while the normal people are unaware of it (drugging people with food or gas, hidden camera’s, disguise themselves so no-one recognizes them, creating a scene yelling and screaming deliberately for fun etc. etc.).

Besides the above, they hardly have any skills. So in reality, they have no relevant skill set for a real job in the Western world. Other satanists provide them with jobs.

Most members are born in families that are satanic. Their parents learn the kids how to be part of this cult. Also, parents who keep their kids fully unaware so they can be sacrificed, get a high status in the cult, even when they are not popular at all by nature.

Most organized social movements are created from the organization of satanism, for instance communism, pop culture, hard rock culture, feminism, anarchy. Satanism tends to create movements like this, the moment they realize there is a need in society that they want to control (to avoid real people to make real social change, like emancipation of the working class or emancipation of women).



About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to What drives people who join satanism?

  1. AndyDandy says:

    communism was totally satanic. in world war 2 they must have created a mass influx of satanists into eastern europe, to transform the eastern european area in the hell it became. that is half a continent brought to slavery for many decades. you need a lot of government people to do that and all of them have to be satanists.

  2. AndyDandy says:

    the eu countries need to be aware that when they create such an enormous influx of people into a continent, it is very likely a satanic agenda is behind it. and it is very difficult to get normally organized when a population is infiltrated with satanists the way we are now. government and media are totally infilstrated and do not work. so how can we get organized as real people, when there is so much lies spread for decades? the eastern europeans could get out of it. the germans could not get out of it in world war 2. when government is so strongly organized and infiltrated, it is extremely difficult to get a revolution. ever since the french revolution everything else has been fake. there are just too many satanists working secretly together below the surface. they destroy everything that has the potential to lead or grow or perform. that is what they did in eastern europe. and now we have merkel in germany. god.

  3. AndyDandy says:

    in present times, many immigrants are satanic.
    we are told lies about who is entering our open borders.
    why? because these people dont want an normal life and really work.
    the are not real refugees needing a real future and willing to work for it.
    they are here to disrupt our society. you can just tell by what is in the news.
    there is a satanic agenda behind the present open border policies in europe.
    why are all these wars in europe? because we are the best continent.
    so we get world war 1 and 2. then communism. now heading to world war 3.
    it is insane. why do we let our continent be destroyed again and again?
    the satanists want what we have, but they cant because they are satanists, useless fuckups.
    you cant build a future with only fuck-ups. their culture is parasites.

  4. Communisation says:

    besef dat als er een slimme goeie ondernemer een perfect marktidee heeft en een eigen bedrijf uit de grond stampt, wat zeker een gat in de markt is. dan komen deze lui ondergronds die harde werker kapot maken, om vervolgens dat bedrijf over te kopen of zelf een concurrent op te zetten. het idee is immers een gat in de markt. en zij hebben de macht alles kapot te maken. voila.
    het maakte oosteuropa kapot. het maakt afrika als continent kapot.
    iedereen die wat opbouwt wordt kapot gemaakt.
    dat zie je in afrika, het middenoosten, oosteuropa…. overal waar dit soort occulte clubjes teveel macht hebben, daar nemen ze alles over wat goed werkt. van drugshandel tot sexslaven, alles waar ze geld aan kunnen verdienen daar zitten ze in. geen moraal. denk niet dat er onderscheid is tussen mafia en media etc etc. het zijn dezelfde occulte clubjes die het overnemen. dat kan zo lang de overheid en media volledig onder controle is gebracht.
    oost europa is geheel kaal gevreten door deze lieden. zuidafrika idem dito ten tijde van apartheid. we zijn dom om te denken dat de zwarte stamleiders de helden zijn daar, want de zwarte bevolking is niet zomaar klem gezet, daar heeft hulp van binnenuit aan bijgedragen. en degene die zo fout is, die krijgt later in de media de heldenrol. zo werkt dat.

  5. BuurBuum says:

    When you are a disfunctional low educated pedophile and psychopath, this is where you turn to.
    Life is suddenly very simply. The only thing you have to do in your entire life
    is fuck and have some kids.
    these kids you dont have to give any education whatsoever
    you can just sell them to satanists
    people who do, generally really enjoy child abuse themselves and are hard cord satanists
    you are settled for life just by handing over kids
    for many fuck-ups in the Western world this is now a way of life
    there is no effort. there is no risk.
    it is that simple and for some the only way to achieve “greatness”
    rest of your life all the other satanists will tell you “you are great!” (they promise that)
    governments all work with you so no risk involved
    when parents dont care for kids and governments dont care (schools certainly dont care)
    it is that simple, as loing as we have satanists there is no civilization
    your tax mony likely goes to pedophile child slave handlers.

  6. NN at CNN says:

    what drives them the most across the globe that is destruction of the Western world.
    Europe had the most effective and strong culture, did oke.
    So they want to have that and they hate it at the same time.
    People, please do not give to charity anymore, also not to third world countries
    Charities are manned by the worst people.
    Very abusive, love all the free money that comes to them.
    They likely use it to travel themselves to the West instead of building their country.

  7. Jimmy is Back says:

    It would be interesting to asses from what countries the people )population) have been hurt by “created” historical movements. And what countries benefited from it.

    Like with the EU.
    The UK benefited most, as they were never in the euro but they do hold financial centre
    Also the Southern European countries benefited, like Greece and Italy.
    Germany got money for Eastern Germany
    the Netherlands lost big time in the EU.

    In worldwar 2 Germany in the end lost the most.
    But all the countries that were taken over they lost big time.
    The USA benefited from it as did the UK.
    Israel also benefited from worldwar 2.

    Eastern Europe has been screwed.
    Yougoslavia still did oke, they got money from everywhere

  8. Jimmy is Back says:

    basically, all the western and eastern european countries are torn down over and over again
    from belgium and france downwards, it is oke for them. they get money.
    from germany and the netherlands and poland upwards, they get robbed over and over again
    the uk is never really hurt.

  9. Jimmy is Back says:

    dat zijn geen landverraders. het zijn gewoon de voetbal hooligans van europa.
    met een glimlach en een schijnheilig net pak zoveel mogelijk beuken en trappen.
    maar je moet niet gelijk zeggen dat het genocide is
    dan verlaag je je tot hun niveau
    het woordn genocide moet je gebruiken als er stapels lijken liggen en anders niet

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