Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger look so much alike, they could be siblings. But they are not.


bradpitt1_1Brad Pitt. Best friends with George Clooney they said for a long time. But that’s over now. Brad and Jennifer is over as well. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is now over.

Brad Pitt always reminded me of someone, but I didnot know who. Now I know. He really looks a lot like Kim Basinger. They must be family or something. All these illuminati celebrities are secretly family of each other. They just don’t tell us.



They not only have a similar face, also the way they talk (lips movement) is similar.

They really could be twin.




If Brad Pitt would die and we needed a movie about his life, I would cast Kim Basinger. She would get away with it. Anyway, they are actors. Lots of make-up, some hormone treatments and that’s all that is needed.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger look so much alike, they could be siblings. But they are not.

  1. NN says:

    een gemiddelde mestelaa, hoeveel verkrachtingen zal die doen in zijn leven? 500? ik denk de toplevel lieden vast wel duizenden in hun leven. die zien mensen gewoon als vee. een boer neukt ook vaak zijn eigen koeien. metselaars zien mensen als koeien, bezit, vee. terwijl het vreselike saaie en oppervakkig mensen zijn die weinig kunnen en presteren. alles is fake fake fake

  2. NN says:

    ik denk ook dat ze transgender worden om nog meer vrouwen en kinderen te verkrachten
    vrouwen en kinderen vertrouwen vaa wel een vrouw maar niet zo snel een man
    dus als je een rokje aandoet en hormonen slikt, dan loopt een vrouw in vertrouwen met je mee naar huis (overdag) en zij hebben drugs om je te verdoven en dan weet je niet eens wat ze doen

    gaan zij hormonen slikken dat ze borsten krijgen
    en dan met een handdoekje om naar de vrouwensauna.

  3. Alfred Jo Cowak says:

    can this website do a transvestigation of jo cox?
    – big chin
    – man jawline
    – strong arms
    – shoulders covered while always in dresses (feminine)

    she always turns her nose into a “rabbit nose” which changes the shape of the nose, the upperlip upwards, and the eyebrows/eyes pulled down closer to the nose. that is a give away for a person that changes their looks. now why do that? because it is someone else. an actor.

    she looks a bit like alfred enoch (HTGAWM and Potter). since alfred enoch is black and a guy, people wont recognize it easily. but the shape of the mouth, laugh, chin, jawline are similar. Nose is similar too. The eyes look a bit different, but that is because of the “rabbit nose” (try it in the mirror, it has that effect on lips to eyes close to the nose…. jo cox always wears thick layer of foundation, even during sports.

    we are not sure yet, but it could be alfred enoch.

  4. Alfred Jo Cowak says:

    the arms are manly. not a tall man but a man. jo cox.

  5. Kim Basic Pittfal says:

    Kim Basinger is Brad Pitt, sure
    They look alike\
    But both of them also have the uneven nose holes (top of the nose).
    It can not be a coincidence
    Their lips movement is very typical and identical.
    Brad Pitt is a tranny called Kimmy B.

  6. Brad no Pitt says:

    Is not Brad Pitt this Elleke Groenewoud?
    She went to FRC highschool in Raalte right?
    Is Brad Pitt maybe a Dutch girl?
    I would not be surprised.

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