Other investigators confirm: persons behind celebrities, they take on different celebrities roles

  • Persons who play more than one identity, it is normal for celebrities. 
  • Many celebrity deaths are fake, to give the person a new life in the media world.
  • Sometimes, the person is replaced with a look-alike, so “the star” continues.  
  • For most celebrities, they have stand-ins (look-a-likes), to confuse us.
  • To be allowed to become famous, one needs to transform into something they’re not.
  • Transgender is normal in the media and entertainment world. 
  • Some say there is a satanic agenda behind the film and music industry (trash-all!).

Beware. One person can play more than one role in the media, with just a change in hair color and a change in make-up. Most people will not notice how it is actually the same person. But also, multiple persons play the same celebrity (Michael Jackson was likely replaced, and Charles Manson was likely played by more people).


Below a video to explain how multiple people play one role: 


Below a video to explain how transgender is “normal” in celebrity circles: 


Especially women are replaced by men in Hollywood. Simply because there are more men. More men are member of occult clubs. They need jobs for men who join these clubs. Also, gay men somehow often love the media and entertainment industry.

Moreover, transgender men are more “open” sexually compared to most natural women. It is what they like for celebrity cultures. Because celebrities have a serious role in transforming values in a society. For the Western world to become more “slutty”, you need celebrities who do not hesitate to position themselves as “sexually free” (e.g. Paris Hilton with a sex video and Angelina Jolie talking openly about her sex life). Especially for teenagers, they are an example. It changes the Western world.


Below a video on Charles Manson and who played that role: 


These were our latest thoughts. Nothing is sure yet. But let us know what you think.


ps. It might thus also be the case, that Kim Basinger plays the role of Brad Pitt. And that Donald Trump played both Jim Morisson and David Hasselhoff. Anything is possible.  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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5 Responses to Other investigators confirm: persons behind celebrities, they take on different celebrities roles

  1. Linda says:

    They can fool us easily on tv and media, because we dont know how tall a person is.
    also, they can play with the angle of the camera a lot. certain people are only filmed from below or only from higher down. that changes how their face looks, especially when it is done consistently.

  2. Linda says:

    het is een totaal niutteloze sociale klasse, het plebs van radio tv en de politiek
    trash it is. totale idioten die zich misdragen omdat ze dit zelf zo lachen vinden
    sta in de weg types die nooit is kunnen bijdragen waar dan ook aan
    het zit er gewoon niet in. niet in karakter en niet in intellect en niet in arbeidsmoraal
    sta in de weg types zijn het, meer niet

  3. Linda says:

    maud, waarom is je moeder dan voor de illuminati gevraagd?
    dat is toch een lelijk asociaal lui en dom wijf?
    type moddervette bijstandstrekker als je pa geen eigen zaak zou hebben?
    het zegt alles over de illuminati dat ze zo iemand erbij willen hebben
    het zegt echt alles

  4. Linda says:

    this is about someone talking about freeemasons family.
    but she is driving a car, so likely, this woman herself is likely freemason.
    so the video is fake, but it is perhaps still relevant.
    just dont contact the woman making the video as she might be part of it.
    sometimes the make good video, just to attract victims…. and the victims get fooled again

  5. nn says:

    wasnt Jo Cox transgender too?
    They can easily be killed and start a new life
    no-one recognizes them after the female hormones are gone.

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