Opposites attract? Or do they? Brad & Jennifer do look alike.

There has been a lot of discussion about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt online. We don’t care. We just like to discuss something else. The story is: opposites attract.

– Some of our “comments” seems to believe Brad is actually Kim Basinger. Imagination! We are convinced however, it is needed to investigate and find out who Brad Pitt is, really. We are not sure about his identity. Even a comparison to Kim Basinger is a possible angle. – 



Or maybe not? We often see how people chose a partner that looks similar to them. Perhaps, unconsciously, they want children who look like them? Or perhaps, they feel best around someone who reminds them of home (they look like the people they grew up with, like siblings).

Anyway. We noticed this was the case for Jennifer and Brad back in the days. Especially from the front, their faces have similar features: the eyes and nose. That relationship did not last. The whole world viewed the take-over of Angelina Jolie. Ever since, the couple Brad & Angelina was world news, until they split-up.

We see a similar effect in the Netherlands. For example Liesbeth Kamerling and Frans Pahlplatz. Together, split-up, together again. Though one is blond and the other dark, they have very similar facial features. Small nose. Eyes a bit closed. Eyebrows relatively low, so close to the eyes. Jawline prominent. Both not too large ears (rather small).



Our conclusions are, that opposites do not attract in real relationships. We do look at opposites, as we find them attractive. But most of us don’t buy it in the end (window shopping it is).

This is also the case for the rich & famous: they want someone who is like them.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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39 Responses to Opposites attract? Or do they? Brad & Jennifer do look alike.

  1. NN says:

    swithcing and mixing and maxing.
    didnot anton and hans try and fool you into the woods?
    thats not a nice thing to do.
    so they are not nice.

    when people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
    someone wrote that in a good book.

    • Brad Pee says:

      someone should have told you that when you were 14 years

      when people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

    • AndyDandy says:

      oh yeah sure right well done
      kim basinger is brad pitt
      the mouth, eyes, eyebrows, nose: check!
      even the uneven noseholes (yes both have that)

  2. nn says:

    Axel Rose is Green.

    • Alles mag man van de Bagwan says:

      so they synchronize the voice
      different voice
      most people you recognize with the voice
      change the voice and colour of skin and you are easily fooled

  3. Alles mag man van de Bagwan says:

    Maud wat denk je van de Bagwan? Of jullie team?
    Geboorte data enzo zijn nogal 911 112. Dus eh, wat is de kans?

    Geboren 11 december 1931
    Overleden 19 januari 1990

    Ik denk dat dit iemand anders is geweest en daarna geworden.

    hij lijkt zo op het eerste gezicht op jean pierre van rossum. bagwan (osho).

    hier de bagwan, kijk hoe het ene oog iets naar boven kijkt.

  4. Alles mag man van de Bagwan says:

    jp van rossum. zelfde ogen. die neus. de wenkbrauwen ook.
    echt wel hetzelfde type.

  5. Alles mag man van de Bagwan says:

    kijk bagwan

  6. Alles mag man van de Bagwan says:

    ik weet niet zeker of het deze is maar ik denk dat het iemand is.
    alles is fake dan is dit zeker fake.
    ze maken al die mensen beroemd en rijk, zodat je als je iets zoekt of nodig hebt of wilt,
    dat je dan altijd bij hun uitkomt.
    er zijn geen echte mensen meer in de media.
    je zit naar neppers te kijken.
    als je een probleem hebt in nederland en je eigen vrienden en familie willen niet alles voor je doen
    dan kan je dus nergens heen.
    niet naar de rechter
    niet naar de politie
    niet naar de krant
    niet naar bekende mensen
    het is allemaal even erg hier
    hoe kan het zo blijven bestaan
    waarom is het zo erg geworden
    want dat moeten toch voldoende mensen zien

  7. Hallo zeg says:

    als ik nu 10 kg extra aankom stoppen jullie dan=
    rennen jullie weg?
    bestel alvast bier en appeltaart…..

  8. NN at CNN says:


    russciche journalist zogenaamde vermoord.
    was niet echt vermoord.

    dat gebeurt vaker.
    mensen worden wel vermoord en daar hoor je niets van
    mensen worden hoaxc vermoord en dat wordt een media hype.
    zo gaat dat.

    als de media er een enorme zaak van maakt, dan is het vaak fake
    als het echt is, dan verzwijgt d emedia het.
    want de media is in handen van???

    oekraine i zoweiso nogal een vrijmetse;aarbolwerk dus ziek.

  9. NN says:

    again consider. actrices dont have that many roles from when they are 35 years onwards.
    it kinda stops. so they have to decide, stay in film business and accept the number of roles reduce to limited number per 5 years. or do something else (or director or so). or: (yes) transform into a guy. It is amazing Kim Bassinger is still so beautifull and making films like this.

    when you love actring and are really good, turning into a man is a good solution.

  10. NN says:

    brad pitt

  11. Jimmy is Back says:

    brad pitt and kim basinger are both vegetarian.
    perhaps, I am not convinced yet, since the jawbone is not a 100% match and neither are the ears, do there is also resemlance…. so maybe/

  12. Jimmy is Back says:

  13. Kim B Pitt says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we are not confused about who we are.
    Please stop the gossip machine please.

    Taking male or female hormones, why would we do that if we don’t truly feel we wanna be the other sex? Just to get a film role? Because Hollywood is sick enough to insist we do that to ourselves? So who is the boss in Hollywood? It could only happen like that, when all the media is owned by exactly the same people as who owns Hollywood. Of course that is not the case.

    hahaha. Brad Pitt female?
    hahahaha. What would happen when Brad stops taking the male hormones?
    You get the normal body back, just like that, in a few months …..
    are we really that sick? you believe that?
    please, keep reading the real media and not these bullshit websites.

  14. All lies please says:

  15. All lies please says:

  16. All lies please says:

    Angelina Jolie is perhaps that dude fron Wham, not George Michael but the other one.
    Very similar facial structure, but you need a thick layer of make-up (as the guy is older now) …. and Jolie not moving her facial muscles (and indeed she looks plastic… really plastic).

  17. All lies please says:

    anyway, this is how we need to assess the news as it is ALL FAKE.
    Perhaps our matching theories are not always spot-on, but this is how they work.

  18. Ugly Jesscia says:

    We all saw she was ugly, but heah, know we know she is even for a man very ugly.

  19. Ugly Jesscia says:

    most annoying is, how she was pushed as this sexy stylish woman. like Diana.
    OMG. ugly as they are. Yes, when you spend the whole day pretending to be beautiful and posing for camera’s as a full time job, you might start believing yourself. But heee. We are so annoyed by the way some people are pushed in the media like the are something they are not. Fake media.

  20. Ugly Jesscia says:

    why Sarah Jessica Parker is married for 1 years in an media environment (all of them divorce multiple times)…. It is because both are transgender. The chance of finding a new person that matches like that is small. They are used to faking EVERYTHING in life…. so easy to fake they are GOOD TOGETHER….. what else can they do?

  21. Lisa says:

    we are in love with ourselves, so we are attracted to sameness

  22. AndyDandy says:


  23. AndyDandy says:

  24. AndyDandy says:

    even ander onderwerp.
    terzijde wil ik dit opmerken.

    wat een totaal achterlijke culotuur is dat.
    waarom moeten wij ons hiermee bezg houden?
    is er geen snellere manier om van die hele achterlijke cultuur af te komen?
    die media en politiek en vermaakindustrie, dat zijn toch gewoon leugenaars dieven mensenhandelaerien en pedovielen? die zijn in staat de slavernij opnew in te voeren en wij zijn beleefd uit; leggen dat die lowleven voor de grap verschillende identiteits aanhouden.
    het is een lustmuurd en verkrachtingscultur. daarnaast liegen ze de hele dag. het enige waar ze goed in zijn dat is soaps maken, want emotie exploiteiren is het enige talent. verder is het een lustmoord en verkractingscultuur. dat loslaten in je land is genocide op het eigen volk.

    de hele truuk is, dat het grootste deel van de bevolking GEEEN INFORMATIE krijgt.
    nul komma nul. Achterhouden van informatie is hun voorsprong. We hebben dus niets aan deze mensen. ondergrondse oorlogsvoering vanuit onze system governance.

  25. NN says:

    pedophiles, necrophiles, gang rapers, lust murderers, trannies.
    they have all united in one big club. too destroy western civilization.
    soooooooo what do we think now?

  26. NN says:

    Kim Basinger meets Brad Pitt

  27. nn says:

    hee hee maud
    we gaan los hier
    wil je even uitzoeken of pahlplatz ook barbie is van ooh ooh cherio?
    hij heeft diezelfde mond en ogen en neus….. als ie transgender is met hormoned zijn we er
    wha wha wha hahahahaha. het moet niet gekker worden.
    maar barbie is toch ook te gek dat we dat op tv hebben????

  28. nn says:

    do a transvestigation on Anique Kamerling (1968).
    the pics of the funeral of Antonie K just leave me puzzled.
    thick neck. big jawline. forehead slope backwards. serious shoulders.
    all traits of a male.
    so what if antonie just took some female hormones and plays Anique now?
    and Anique is actually married to Muller but out of the picture?

    please have a look, I just dont get it with that family.
    the grey outfit… on the funeral.
    she looks really sad at the Amstel hotel.
    but what woman tilts her head backward like that when so sad?
    when you are so sad, you dont lift your chin this enormously.
    it is a trick they use so the face looks different….

    have a look, let me know what you think.
    can this be antonie in a new life?

  29. AndyDandy says:

    so who was meg ryan. the old meg ryan was a transgender? perhaps?

  30. Angelo Bison says:


    Angelo Bison
    He could soooo easily be the father of Jennifer Anniston
    It is unbelievable. perhaps angelo is jennifer
    must be confusing for brad pitt angelina and angelo and all is not angel-like

    yeah and brad pitt is also elleke groenewoud
    but she could also be kim bassinger

  31. Andersomtaal says:

    so this is an odd death in woerden.


    ruud de ranitz

    she looks transgender
    likely fake persona
    likely an actor
    it is all fake to increase gossip and people wondering bla bla bla

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