When there will be a film about the family Brenninkmeijer, casting will be easy! Ross from Friends = Roderick

  • Most people know who Ross from Friends is. Ross Geller. His name is David Schwimmer (born November 2, 1966). Yes, that is a #112 and 666.
  • Roderick Brenninkmeijer is member of the family Brenninkmeijer. He studied psychology and has a career in consulting.

We do not know why, but these two really look alike. Perhaps David Schwimmer is an older nephew? Otherwise it would be such a coincidence. I just can’t believe it!

The good news is, we already have the perfect casting for this film role, just in case there will be a movie about the family Brenninkmeijer (yes they own C&A and much more).


Left: Ross Geller back then. Right: David Schwimmer in 2017. 


Left: Roderick Brenninkmeijer. Right: Ross Geller e.g. actor David Schwimmer. 


They have the same shape in eyebrow. The same shape of the eyes, both left and right. The nose is similar. The mouth is similar. The chin and jawline is similar. Call us crazy, but these two really look alike.

You know what is odd? When we google Ross Geller online, we can only find silly pictures of him, making strange faces. We know Friends is comedy, but still.

You know what is also odd? Brenninkmeijer is the richest family in the Netherlands (except perhaps the Orange-Nassau’s). And more family members of Brenninkmeijer really look a lot like famous people from Hollywood (like George Clooney and Joey from Friends). What are the odds?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to When there will be a film about the family Brenninkmeijer, casting will be easy! Ross from Friends = Roderick

  1. NN says:

    Deze lijkt ook wel op Marco Balster.
    Staat midden achteraan op de VWO foto van het eindexamen van Maud.
    Je zou zweren dat het m is.

  2. Jimmy is Back says:

    Marco = Ross = Roderick?
    Likely so. Else twins or doppelgangers.

    Wauw, you really went to the doppelganger school for royalty and famous people?
    You why you were allowed there? Are you anyones doppelganger?
    Show us your highschool pics Maud: this is the doppelganger school!

    or you went to an illuminato school without knowing it.
    why do they allow normal kids in a school like that without telling them?
    when they tell you, you are no longer only bate. you have a chance to mingle and get a network
    when they dont tell you, you are just bate, without a chance.

    1. when you are not at the table; you are on the menu
    2. when you are not one of them but do know it, you are the new kid/trainee at the table. you dont have much to say, but do learn and can say something when you need to.

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