When there will be a film about the family Brenninkmeijer, casting is easy! Joey from Friends = Lutger

  • Joey Tribbiani. Most people know who Joey from tv-series Friends is. He is played by actor Matt le Blanc (born 25 juli, 1967). Later he got his own tv-series “Joey”.
  • Lutger Brenninkmeijer is member of the family Brenninkmeijer, one of the richest families in Europe. Lutger Brenninkmeijer is active in the world of sports (sport management).

We do not know why, but these two really look alike. Perhaps Matt le Blanc is a nephew? Identical twin? Otherwise, it would be such a coincidence. We just can’t believe it!

A movie about Brenninkmeijer? The good news is, we already have the perfect casting for his role of Lutger, just in case there will be a movie about the family Brenninkmeijer (yes they own C&A and much more). Matt le Blanc is a perfect match.


Left: Joey Tribbiani e.g. actor Matt le Blanc. Right: Lutger Brenninkmeijer. 


Just look at the movement of the lips, when the upperlips go a bit upwards while the mouth remains closed (Joey in the red shirts, Lutger Brenninkmeijer in the grey shirt). These spontaneous facial expressions are difficult to imitate, but they have it both.

They have the same shape in eyebrows. The shape of the eyes is the same. The ears are similar. The nose is identical and this is not a standard model nose. The lips are the same. Also the chin and jawlines are similar. The hair style is already similar. Call us crazy, but these two really look alike, when you change the color of the skin and hair.

You know what is odd? Brenninkmeijer is the richest family in the Netherlands (except perhaps the Orange-Nassau’s). And more family members of Brenninkmeijer really do look a lot like famous people from Hollywood (like Ross Geller from Friends). What are the odds?


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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8 Responses to When there will be a film about the family Brenninkmeijer, casting is easy! Joey from Friends = Lutger

  1. NN says:

    there are many youtubes saying Jennifer Anniston might be a transgender.
    I always thought she looks a bit like Axel Rose from Guns n Rose.
    No realy: nose, jaws, chin, eyes. Thats typical.
    And Axel Rose even has long hair. It really could be.
    The Illimination is crazy enough to sell us stuff like this.
    And they hate women….

    Hear Phoebe joke how she did audition for the job, but the rest didnot.
    At the Friends reunion. It is a group of friends they say over and over again.
    But really, they are family. Even Phoebe looks like Joey, with the nose.
    Chandler, Ross and Joey are Brenninkmeijers, all three.
    So lets figure out where the girls come from.
    Jennie might be not from the block but from the blooks.

  2. NN says:


    Antonie Kamerling is not that often on your website, so dont know why you mentioned him several times. Must be really undercover work he did, whch makes us wonder what the hell. Except for Antonia Pot, I really think all others are a look similar but not alike from him. So you know. Just make sure you are right about the shorts boy band, exactly. And dont mistake 2 look alikes or 2 brothers again, cause thats what they do. Confuse you even when you are awake now.

  3. AndyDandy says:

    so the brenninkmeijers did Friends and pretended all the actors to be from other families?
    we cant know how we all just watch illuminati food for thought on tv?
    anyone on tv is really part of it all and they lies lies lies about who they are.

    so who is rachel and monica and phoebe?

  4. Brad Pee says:

    heeeee heee heyaah
    i was in friends so stop calling it someone else than FRIENDS.

    it was the first sitcom about a group of FRIENDS
    normally sitcoms were about family (Ties, Cosby, the one from Brooklyn etc etc)
    now we had FRIENDS and it was much fun because they were FRIENDS and not family.

    it is all such bullshit, see this interview fake fake fake “spontanious !!!!!”

    • Brad Pee says:

      but thats because I was not in the reunion.
      i have no idea why they didnot invite me to the reunion interview
      I am a STAR !!!

  5. AndyDandy says:


    why is that?
    they are dominant in Hollywood this family?
    they were active in Germany in worldwar 2?
    so are they jews or are they not jews?
    well…. they do work with various identities so at least related to the culture?
    the book again is with what objective?

  6. AndyDandy says:


    : “Alleen mannen konden aandeelhouder worden, maar die regel is afgeschaft omdat dat leidde tot ‘verspilling van talent’. Tot nu toe heeft pas één vrouw het tot aandeelhouder geschopt, maar van de trainees, familieleden die een opleiding in het bedrijf volgen, is de helft vrouw, zegt hij.”

    het is aan patriarchi, wat ook midden-oosten cultuur suggereert. pas recent hebben ze aandeelhouderschap van vrouwen mogelijk gemaakt.

    je ziet in de serie Friends ook dat ze de vrouwenrollen door mannen laten doen. Jennifer, Phoebe, Monica? die moeten nodig een transgender onderzoek krijgen. en dat zegt iets. vrouwen opsluiten in de burka? meestal zegt dat veel over wie de mannen zijn en hoe ze vrouwen zien.

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