Imaginary twins, another way to score with lies.

It is a thing for some. Imaginary twins. In certain occult circles, twins are a thing. It is like an imaginary friend (kids on tv do this), but “they” usually keep this going their entire life. Not that difficult, when there is a cult in a village that lies along with the bullshit. The media would never expose them nor would the government.

They have an obligation to “satan” to spread lies over and over again. The twin is a simple lie. And it is not complicated at all. Anyone could do it and they do get attention.

How does it start? Freemasons are told about the concept at an early age.

  • A kid hears about the concept and likes it. Getting away with it is rewarded.
  • The school and neighborhood is “freemason” and are willing to play along.
  • The kid then starts to pretend to be a twin.
    • make up a second name for the “twin brother/sister”.
    • decides on an easy way to change looks (hair, glasses, make-up, jacket).
    • make-sure the social circle supports the “twin brother/sister” fake story.
  • They usually start doing this when they go to highschool, as that is the time when kids do not see everyone in school at once. There are several classes with kids the same age. Younger kids (real twins) usually attend the same classroom together. From the age of 12 years old, it is possible to pretend to be 2 persons, not together.

It is surprising how many people think it is normal to play along. They all know who in their social circle is “not member of the occult club” and thus is always lied to, always. So some people are left in the dark. The rest plays along with these ridiculous lies. This is a form of Apartheid, yet worse than South Africa, as it is a hidden Apartheid.

Two people, both their own hobbies and jobs. And they often have similar CV’s, university degrees and job histories. They might even switch employers among eachother. When “they both” do similar work, it is less of an effort to maintain two identities (for one person). And of course, it can only be done when you grow up in an environment that is fully supportive of the person, in all possible ways.

Identical twins do exist.  About 1% of the natural pregnancies is twins (one or two eggs), but it does differ per region in the world. But while the number of nonidentical twins increases (due to IVF), the percentage of one-egg twins decreases. Not many twins are born from one female egg. And when they do, they tend to show up together frequently in social circumstances, even though most of them will try and change their looks (be different from eachother, in terms of looks, sports/hobbies and jobs).

Twins from one female egg, are rare. And often, they are not fully identical. Some are, but their fingerprints are different. Below two examples of real identical twins.


Above: Adri en Ard Schipper (Heino).  

Below: Lotte & Stine Jensen, have the same two university studies and same job history. Lotte is never around, except in Stine’s stories.  


ps. Two friends pretend to be twins. This is a different concept from the imaginary twins. In this case, there are two persons, who look reasonably similar. Some are made to look more similar, so they can pretend to be twins. In reality, these are then two boys or two girls from two different families who look alike. When the same hair color and foundation color is applied, suddenly they look even more similar (but never identical, because the DNA is different).   

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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  1. NN at CNN says:

    zo ken ik er nog wel een paar.
    lenny kuhr is precies die vrouw die laura speelt in gtst. exact.
    kleurspoeling en andere oog make up verder zelfde type.

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