Hulp is nodig.

Mensen, wij hebben jullie hulp nodig.

  • Steun financieel via de knoppen rechts op het menu.
  • Breng de website onder de aandacht bij lezers die niet voor de overheid werken.

Het is belangrijk dat Nederland geinformeerd raakt over wat er gebeurt, buiten de bekende alternatieve en mainstream media om. Alleen zo zal het besef ontstaan dat er een grote schoonmaak moet plaatsvinden. We zakken af als land richting waar Oost-Europa stond in 1970s. Dus kijk niet langer weg, alsjeblieft.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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5 Responses to Hulp is nodig.

  1. Carlos not says:

    This is terrible. There are freemasons schools in the Netherlands, but they dont tell all the students.
    this is similar to destroying the life ever after of anyone who is not freemason
    and unaware joining the school.

    similar to a school pretending to be open to everyone, but when someone arrives with amazingly good sports skills, they secretly cut off their arms and legs , so they are invalid for the rest of their lives??? Does that add up? Can we believe this to be true? If so, what does that say about everyone else in class?

    Freemasons dont have anything to add to the lives of most other people, so that means that normal girls joinning a school like that, will not have a boyfriend, can not go out to a bar, nor can they develop socially the way they would have otherwise. I a way similar to a school who decides to dump 1 out of 4 students to be locked in the basement for 6 years, because they do well socially.

    These royals have gotten worse since the fr revolution, do it underground, what they did openly 500 years ago.

  2. Carlos not says:

    I heard that the Dutch royals still insist they are allowed to get anything they want, they can steal anything from anyone…. just by the words “i like your painting” . insane. have you looked at them? likely not. just do so for 5 minutes and make up your mind? is this above or below average?

  3. Buur van says:

    what you think of this?
    again someone around the royal family.
    my opinion? the royals do bad shit, but only the fake stories are told.
    this niels is clearly a freemason. everything about the story shouts freemasons.
    so who is niels really?
    he doesnot look like someone who sails the year around and really lives in south france.
    they tanned the skin a bit. so likely he is very brown skinned and has dark hair.
    shape of the face? almost like a skinny half asian guy.

  4. Buur van says:

    hij lijkt op dat Meisje van der Hurk dat vermoord was in Zuid-Nederland bij Helmond of Eindhiven ofzo. Daar lijkt ie echt op. ff googelen Nicole.

  5. AndyDandy says:

    I just saw the “break free” tv show story that someone else suggested on the website.
    Niels van der Ploeg, captain of the Willem-A boat who died in South of France age 23.

    Well, imo humble opinion may I say. This guy is the mirror image of the albino version of sportsman Tom Dumoulin. Bike ride. Please, the eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, the chin, the mouth, contours of the face, him!!! They just change the colours and made a small black stripe between the front teeth and good to go: Niels vd Ploeg. Another hour of emo TV. Anyone emotionally involved in the Niels vd Ploeg story, does not have time to wonder about mout.

    He didnot look like a boat captain did he. The skin in the face, nope no sailor.

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