Marianne Vaatstra, the movie. Sara Kroos as Marianne Vaatstra & Thom Hoffman as Wolfgang Hebben!

I read the previous blog, saying how Sara Kroos looks similar to Marianne Vaatstra. So when I saw the picture of Wolfgang Hebben in the newspaper, I could only see Thom Hoffman. The casting for Marianne Vaatstra, the movie is so easy. Unbelievable.


Wolfgang Hebben


These people need attention and love to mess around.


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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14 Responses to Marianne Vaatstra, the movie. Sara Kroos as Marianne Vaatstra & Thom Hoffman as Wolfgang Hebben!

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  2. Pisang A says:

    Weet je nog op de kleuterschool? Dat joch dat zong:
    “ik weet iets wat jij niet weet, nananananana!!!
    Ik weet iets wat jij niet weet, nanananananaanaaa!!!”
    En dan was het meestal, dat we gingen kleien, want dat had de juf hem al gezegd.

    Nou, dat is het niveau. Zij horen wat er gaande is Het is nul interessant.
    Maar dat is wat zij het mooist van alles vinden. Zij weten iets, wat jij niet weet.
    Ze zullen het ook nooit zeggen, want dan hebben zij niets bijzonders meer.
    Kortom, je hebt niets aan ze en ze zijn niets bijzonders. Anders zou je beter humor hebben en andere dingen gaan doen, dan “ik weet iets wat jij niet weet, glunder glunder glunder…”

  3. Vaatstra solved says:

    Wolfgang Hebben is Doctor Thom Hoffman – CHECK believer
    Sara kroos not 100% Marianne Vaatstra. – open for debat

    Father Vaatstra – Elton John with lots of Illuminati make-up
    Freddy Vaatstra – also an actor

    • Pa Vaat Mason Straat says:

      Elton John is Pa Vaatstra

      Take a picture of pa Vaatstra. Thats Elton John.
      Now Elton John would have his eyes lifted as hey hang over his face.
      But you can easily have a plastic surgeon take those out for a DWDD interview and have them put back in the very next day. Easy.
      Elton John gains some weight on the cheeks and thats is all.
      Elton John puts on his glasses, major make-up and a wig and he is Elton.

      Machiavelli price indeed.

  4. Vaatstra solved says:

    John F Kennedy also reminds me of a woman actress or something
    It is vague remembering but he is not just chanelling Jimmy Carter, but also a female actress

  5. John F Jennedy says:

    do you mean Romy Schneider? actress died in 1982 or so?

  6. John F Jennedy says:

    They have been doing the transgender thing for a long time.
    As satanists they are obliged to deceive.

    And when changing a man into a woman and the other way around, many people do not recognize it anymore. Especially when it concerns people whom you dont know well and you dont feel a real connection with (they are always superficial and talk about nothing and are walking away again). We have to wonder when in history they came up with the hormone treatment (without us knowing). It really changes the looks and appearances of a person. Add or loose weight. Change the colour hair or wear a wig. Coloured contact lenses. And it is done.

  7. Jimmy Pimmy Carin says:

    Jimmy Carter looks a bit like John F Kennedy but more as a brother or so.

    Kieferman the 24 Jack Bauer is also a look alike for Jimmy.
    But it is not him.

  8. Kind request says:

    People this is not a brainstorm of potential look alikes
    Just comment mainly with lookalikes you are certain about

    We know all news is fake news (or 80% of it)
    We know actors are all corrupt mafia gang rape types etc etc
    They all play various roles on tv and are all in on it
    So lets be serious. Lets only mention the look alikes we are certain enough about
    Else a reader gets undermined with all the almost look alikes

    Pim Fortuyn is played by Joost Karhof the news reader who died in 2018 or so.

  9. Kind request says:

    The Poldark series main character is played by a former James Bond actor with new skin on

  10. Illumi shit says:

    Vader Vaatstra really looks like Elton John

  11. Illumi shit says:

    Elton John also looks like Rob de Nijs.

    many people say lady Diana is now the boyfriend of Elton John the Furnace guy
    But they look alike but not that much alike

    • Scripted Diana says:

      These interviews with Diana are so scripted.
      Please, you cant believe this is real
      Diana was an act all fake
      Imagine, she always complaining about the media attention and the royal family hating her
      Please, if you dont want media you will not get it
      Please, if the royal family does not like you, media will ignore you
      End of story
      Diana was a script from beginning to the end
      It makes her children much more likable
      So the next generation in the royal family is made popular for sure

  12. Scripted Diana says:

    so who plaed diana?
    they took an experienced actor to play that role

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