This was also an odd story. Tripoli planecrash in 2010 with sole survivor: Ruben (9) from Tilburg

On May 12 2010, an airplane from Afriqiyah Airways (flight 771) crashed near Tripoli Airport, Libië. On board were 104 people, of which 71 with the Dutch nationality.


Only survivor was Ruben (9) from Tilburg. The Telegraaf managed to get to the hospital bed first, making frontpage headlines of the young orphan child Ruben (9) in the hospital bed. Despite the public outrage of the violation of privacy of young orphan Ruben in his hospital bed, video continued to come out showing him in the hospital. Mind you, he had barely survived an airplane crash, in which his parents and brother were killed.



Victims are again largely government officials (e.g. in Geldrop-Mierlo the son of the mayor, a police officer, an employee at the Brabant pronvince office….).



Below a picture of Ruben in the hospital. The image is not what one could expect:

  • His body is not covered in a sheet, a thin blanket, even though he seems asleep.
  • The green wrapping around the waste seems odd. What is it for?
  • One would expect a monkey stuff animal not to be position next to his legs.
  • Around his right arm, a black item is attached. It seems to be a measurement instrument for blood pressure. Why is that on his arm when it is not used?
  • What is the function of the two patches on his breasts (red and yellow). If these are to measure his heartbeat or so, why are they located where they are?
  • The infusion into his left arm, does not show an attachment to a location suitabe for infusion (inside arm), though we might be wrong about it as the wrist is not shown.
  • The legs are heavily packed, but not in a way so that he can’t move them at all. The bondage is very thick, with a strech layer as the outside layer.

Somehow it does not seem to be a normal hospital bed. Why is this boy exposed to us that way? Ever since, his family didnot fight to take these pictures of the internet.


Ruben Tripoli ramp 2010


Again, we wonder what happened here.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to This was also an odd story. Tripoli planecrash in 2010 with sole survivor: Ruben (9) from Tilburg

  1. Em the neighbour says:

    sorry but are not these the same kids again?
    call me crazy. do all dutch kids look-a-like?
    what is going on in this country. it s crazy bitch !!!

    I am not 100% sure, but 85% sure. This kid in 2010 looks a lot like, well Kamerling kid in 2010, the oldest, whats his name. Hair, the eyebrows, mouth, laugh, indeed it might be him. 80% sure.

  2. Em the neighbour says:

    Merlijn is the name I looked him up.
    He is 11 at the time. Already committed to career in the media at the age of 11?
    Still 80% sure it his him.
    But also 95% sure the story is again a story.

  3. Em the neighbour says:

    What parents would have their kids rented out to photo shoots? At that age. With impact?

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