And Maud is going to be prosecuted again… double attack

Dear readers,

At least now we know why they gave Maud the BOPZ-attack in March. BOPZ is a legal procedure necessary to have someone forcefully committed to a mental institution! Why they did it? Maybe to scare her. Maybe to make her distrust the legal system. Maybe to make her tired. Maybe all of the above.

But there is likely another reason for it all. After the BOPZ legal procedure, the “part-time judge” wrote his legal document with his opinion about the case (with lies). Yes, Maud didnt have to go to the nut house. But : lies in the legal document, with the signature of the “part-time judge”. They use this legal document with lies, to attack her with the initial criminal procedure against her… The one based on a vicious police compliant, done by Marie in 2015 (the woman from the municipal office, in front of theatre Carré). That original police report (again lies) obtained no proof, so they need this BOPZ document.

How to reply to lies from a judge?

  • “Revenge” the judgement, but quick. Maud did, but it was too late.
  • Ask to “causation” at the Highest court. Maud wrote them, but she needs a lawyer.
  • Officially file a police report, which is done.
  • Officially file a complaint against the procedure with the court house, done again.
  • ……………………

Maud is reading up on her court knowledge, which is still a lot of work. Keep updated. Show your support in these dark ages, we are slipping back into the dark ages. Stop this!

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to And Maud is going to be prosecuted again… double attack

  1. Em says:

    Here is what I think

    Janis Joplin is Meat Loaf

    David Haselhoff is Jim Morison.

    Mick Jagger plays Stephen Hawkings.

    Maybe also: CSI Eddie Cahill is Kurt Cobain.

    Now what? Are you gonna buy software to proof this or what?

  2. Em says:

    And yes, very convinced about

    Matt Damon played Marc Dutroux. Very convinced.

  3. Buur van haha says:

    Die rechtszitting van dode mensen vooral dan kinderen en dan de televisie erbij. Al die zaken waarbij familieleden zo druk zijn om zichzelf als slachtoffer neer te zetten, medelijden wekken. Dat zijn de slechten, echt waar. Echte slachtoffers zijn niet in staat om een zo sterk medelijdenwekkende performance neer te zetten. Ze zijn moede gestreden. En als ze dan nog een beetje energie opbrengen, om wel de televisie in te gaan, dan doen ze dat omdat ze met dat laatste beetje gevonden energie informatie willen geven aan mensen in de hoop dat iemand de zaak kan oplossen die deze informatie dan nodig heeft. Zij strijden moedegesteden door, omdat ze rechtens willen, geen medelijdende blikken. Zij die zoeken naar medelijdende blikken, die willen dat. dat

    vertrouw niet de familie, omdat het familie is. het is erg als die op die manier nog een rolletje en aandacht willen. Alleen pogingen om het op te lossen, want dat komt dan uit de tenen van een oprechte nabestaande die met intens verdriet niet op de televisie wil maar het wel doet. daarom.

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