Game of Thrones and Masonic symbols, yes they are there.

Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive and most popular shows at the moment. As the show evolves, the prophecies become somehow more important. There is lots of discussion about what is meant by the prophecies….


Game of thrones casas

What symbols are clearly Freemason in the show?

  • Apocalyptic fight between humans and Nightking’s army (Endtimes).
  • Army of the dead (humans killed who stand up again to join the army).
  • Bran the Builder who made the Wall in the North.
  • Dragons are reptiles who can fly.
  • House of Black & White (the Faceless Men with masks, who are assasins and priests of the God of Death).
  • Jon Snow is raised from death after being killed.
  • House of Reed has a ouroboros as their symbol.
  • Lord of the Light.
  • Nightking and White Walkers.
  • Three-eyed raven with the “all-seeing eye”.
  • Seven Kingdoms (7).
  • Flaming sword.
  • Wall in the North.

The message slowly been fed to us is, how the nobility are special people with special gifts. How serving a noble person, is one of the highest achievements possible for a citizen. They want us to believe that.

Game of Thrones

Also, we are ment to believe, the Lord of the Light knows how history should develop. Because of that, they influence who can live or die, al to support this great plan to rescue the world. Please, that can only go wrong. It is so wrong.


Betrayal is a central theme in Game of Thrones.


Daenerys is guided by “no-one” wearing a dress full of hexagrams.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to Game of Thrones and Masonic symbols, yes they are there.

  1. Geen fan van onzin says:

    And when you are not loyal to your queen/king, you should be executed.
    Thats what queens and kings can decide, just like that.
    Not only when you commit terrible treason and terrible crime, but just lack of loyalty.
    Bend the knee or be killed. Just like that. These are the good guys.

    Of course, when they decide to kill someone it is ok, like Arya.

  2. Geen fan van onzin says:

    TV series programme you.

    We learned to like:

    Serial killers (Dexter)
    Absolute kings and queens (Game of Thrones)
    Vampires (many series lately).
    Bank robbers (Ocean’s 11-13).
    Drug dealers (Breaking Bad).
    Sluts (Sex and the City).
    PR people and other fixers (Olivia Pope, Designated Survivor etc).
    Police series (too many to mention).
    Police officers who bend the law to catch terrible criminals (too many to mention).
    Who is always the nice victim and is wrongfully accused? But fights bravely on…

    Just realize what they do.

  3. AndyDandy says:

    Being brought up as spoilt children does snot make you special, it makes you lazy, fucked-up, narrow-minded and selfish. These are the last people you want to give power. They dont have the mindset to add the value in a position of power. They are too busy showing the world “look what I can do”, while they cant do shit without this power position. Anyone who is nothing special without the family fortune, should not be given power for a public position. Go play with daddies capital, but stay away from public money and or power…. You dont deserve it.

  4. EK says:

    season 7 episode 5 does not make sense.

    How come Bron and Jaimy were able to escape?
    Tyron does know Jaimy is alive, so they did see them jump away !!!
    And if they saw them, jumping in water with their heavy harnas… they could catch them.

    Second. Why go out to the South to catch a white walker so Ceircie can be convinced?
    It is just as much effort to simply kill Ceircie and go fight in the South with the Dragon Queen afterwards. Jaimy will likely help thanks to Tyron. Everyone else will help, so…. kill Ceircie instead of going South to catch 1 White Walker!

    I mean, the Dragon Queen can be convinced by simply flying over the South herself.
    She will see the threath and be convinced. So Jon, go kill Ceircie and then fight the White Walkers.
    Or is this not handy with the discussion “who is the Iron thrones real Queen/King?

  5. Em says:

    Brotherhood of men (the hound is there)
    Brotherhood of the Nights Watch.
    Brotherhood of the Faceless men.
    Red priestresses (Lord of the Light).
    Meisters in the citadel study those old books…..
    White Walkers.
    Brand sitting under the red tree.
    Three eyed raven.
    Flaming sword.
    War hammer.

    Please, the team that goes beyond the wall, has a bastard with a War Hammer and a bastard with a Flaming sword. Need I say more? Good series but sooooo agenda.

  6. Em says:

    The Free Fook. Free and FF=66.
    Ravens are black birds.

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