Ook dit is weer zo’n typische zelfmoord, waar vele hints inzitten

YAHOO: Mother Insists Daughter Found Hanging From Mailbox Was Murdered


  • Zelfmoord met benen die riant de grond raken.
  • Postbus en postbode.
  • Naaldbomen.
  • Geen briefje en geen aanleiding voor zelfmoord.
  • Schoenveter gebruikt om op te hangen.
  • Voetafdruk van iemand op haar lichaam.
  • Jessica Johnson (JJ).

The mail carrier found her, legs curled under her, hanging from a mailbox by shoestrings that had been fashioned into a noose.

The coroner estimates that Jessica Re’nee Johnson, 37, hung there for several hours before she was found on June 2. The preliminary cause of death is ligature strangulation, and authorities in Horn Lake, Mississippi, suspect it was a suicide.

Horn Lake police Capt. Nikki Lanphere told HuffPost that suicide is the preliminary classification, pending a final report by the medical examiner, which Lanphere said would be available in four to six months.

To Johnson’s friends and family, it’s an absurd theory ― one on which valuable time is being wasted.

“I know my daughter, and there is no way possible this is a suicide,” her mother, Linda Appleton Johnson, told HuffPost. “This was murder.”

Leigh Ann Moreno said there was no indication that her friend, whom she describes as a doting mother of two, was suicidal. 

According to Moreno, Jessica and her boyfriend had been visiting the occupants of the home she was found in front of. It’s unclear what happened between the time she arrived and the time her body was found by the mail carrier…… read more:


Dit is vermoedelijk een statement, geen zelfmoord.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to Ook dit is weer zo’n typische zelfmoord, waar vele hints inzitten

  1. EK says:

    Hoe duidelijk willen zij dit maken? Het is genoeg.

  2. Em says:

    But you r right.
    The way I see it, if I remember history lessons correctly.

    During the middle ages, Jews were expelled from different countries at different times, as they were suspected of doing things, that people now believe the freemasons do.

    During the first French revolution, so the beginning of the French revolution, nobility was taken down in France. Many of them were chopped off on Paris squares. Freemasons claim they organized it, but I dont think so. These were not hoaxes in whoch the elite was not really killed. No. Heads chopped off on market squares and seperated heads shown to the crowd. Real.

    In the Christian Reformation movement, the Catholic Church came under attack as well.

    What I am considering? Perhaps maybe: Around that time, the nobility, and Catholic church sat down together with the Jews…. And they discussed a new approach, to gain their power back. They joined forces, secretly. Under the radar, they set-up the Freemasons, organized like the Jews were organized before across countries. A strategic plan agreed, to maintain power over the masses by a select group of men. Yes men only. In the past 150 years they added more people to their “army”, just citizens, who had professions they needed, like teachers, plumbers, dentists, doctors. The builders were members from the start, as you need builders to set-up secret rooms in buildings etc. Over the years, the reformed christian churches joined as well. Rome is not just Catholic. It is Illuminati. Now these Illuminati act like the kings and queens of 1750 years ago. Do whatever they like, at no costs, never having to explain yourself to anyone. They dont care about anything but themselves. With the Illuminati, they play along.

    So thats why we had world war 1 and 2.
    Over the past 100 years they expanded this way of “working” across the globe.

    What they want? You are wrong Maud, not a New World Order. They want the OLD world order preserved. Nobility. Select families. The rest is bull. They dont care about their army of masons. Not one bit. They care about themselves. They use their army of masons. Feed them innocent citizens, in exchange they do what is asked of them, without any payment.

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