A tequila brand started in 2013, now is worth 1 billion USD? With the brand “George Clooney” leaving the company, but “sticks around”?

Does tequila smell fishy? Please.  



Diageo (UK) is the owner of Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Cîroc. Diageo sells 400 different products. It pays Clooney and his three partnes $ 700 million now and promises up to $ 300 million depending om the performance during the following 10 years. The transaction is expected to close during the second half of 2017.

Why would Diageo pay this much? The alternative is to buy a small unknown tequila brand and hire a worldfamous star, like George Clooney or Richard Gere, for marketing activities in the 10 years that follow. How much did Nespresso pay?

  • Alcohol in general is not an online market.
  • Most offline sales locations of Casamigos are in the USA and retail.
  • Stronger drinks are mainly bought in bars and a bit in retail.
  • Scaling-up production (the product depends on natural ingredients) isnot easy.
  • Casamigos so far didnot mass produce tequila. I can’t believe it.

Casamigos focusses on a limited market so far. They have not yet convinced the USA horeca market to switch to Casamigos tequila. Perhaps they will be able to do so in the following years. But is that worth $ 700 million?

They basically paid this amount for Rande Gerber and George Clooney to help do marketing the next 10 years? Really? Sorry, but I am not convinced. What is this?

This is the official press release. Can someone please convince me?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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8 Responses to A tequila brand started in 2013, now is worth 1 billion USD? With the brand “George Clooney” leaving the company, but “sticks around”?

  1. Looney Clowney says:

    So now what is that about, look at this you sweet sweet girls at number X-hs.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      If George Clooney funds an organization that labels critical thinkers against the NWO as extremists and conspiracy theorists, then he finally admits where he has been standing all along. Admittng it openly, is a first step.

  2. Looney Clowney says:


    Amal speaks wat the Watermark conference on 23 february so 223. San Francisco.

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    If you’re interested in speaking, please CLICK HERE.
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    is a British human rights lawyer practicing at Doughty Street Chambers in London, where she specializes in international law and human right…
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  3. Jedizi what says:


    Amal Clooney and George Clooney are so helping the Jedizi population who are fleeing from Syria.
    But Jedizi have a sort of religion which the muslims consider satanism.

    “Yazidis, who speak Kurdish but adhere to a religion that combines elements of Islam and strains of ancient Persian religions. Among their beliefs is a special reverence for a figure called Melek Taus, whom Muslims regard as Satan. For this, they have often been branded as devil worshipers, which has justified historical oppression of the sect by extremist Muslims.”

    Very likely the Jedizi population are hired as IS fighters who are clearing Syria, so the satanists later on can take over Syria. When Jedizi are the satanists as well, they are bad news. My guess is all those refugees from Syria that come to the west, they are the ISIS sighters who now enter Europe. The real refugees from Syria remain in refugee camps in Turkey and so on. All the developments that disrupt life on earth ar managed by the satanists who are in politics, media and armees worldwide. They want to earn money for nothing, fuck as many women as they can, destroy life for as many people as they can.

  4. Jedizi what says:


    Thuggees were also considered satanists people
    That was in India in colonial times.

  5. Please stop these bullshit comments says:

    Bullshit comments.
    Why do you even allow it?
    Some say Muslims are satanists. Child brides and no rights for women and torture.
    Some say the Jews are satanists. Accusations of abducting children and poisoning people.
    These gossip stories just cause problems for certain people. It leads to hatred.

  6. Please stop these bullshit comments says:

    lust murderers? rapists? child sacrifices?
    do you believe this is happening?
    it would explain why they encourage mass refugee flows across the globe.
    Many people will go missing and no-one knows.

  7. Looney Clueney says:

    Perhaps Rande Gerber also plays Michael in Festen?
    So Rande Gerber is also a north european actor? 2 personalities.

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