Elsvier: Police London went after terrorist houses….

After the attack on June 3 2017, the London police send SWAT teams to (possible) terrorist houses. The woman who is taken by the police, well, the picture is a cliché. The colours are pink, black and white. Roses. The polka dot. Please, she is even carrying the water. Why is that? I am not even allowed to carry water in an airport. Why? That’s symbolism. Water. The black-white chess motive, it symbolizes water.


I have noticed more details in the London Bridge attack photos in the press. In many of them, the colour blue seems enhanced. With a café called “Black and Blue”, my guess is this is not a coincidence. We are being played again.


I am done with it. Stop this nonsense. Please.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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10 Responses to Elsvier: Police London went after terrorist houses….

  1. AndyDandy says:

    I looked at the photos from the attack. What did I notice????

    1) Indeed, blue !!!
    2) a picture with “express” on a sign and a picture with a “mailbox”
    3) Police is dominantly als a text there POLICE so POL and ICE ????
    4) The number “20”
    5) One girl had 2 bare feet. What is that???? Crazy! Again! One woman with 1 bare foot… ???
    6) The Barrow Boy and Banker. BBB. Sales and Finance.
    7) Two signs with “TO LET” on them. Above average I think.

  2. AndyDandy says:

    The Clothing of the woman: polka dot / roses / blocks in black n white. WHwhahaah. whores.
    This is 100% Freemason shit.
    Hilarious. Why do we still keep these fooks going?
    Fuck-faces !!!!!
    Police doing this is 0.0% real police.

  3. AndyDandy says:

    I see these actors holding phones in so many pictures.
    On this one, we see the “security dials” in the picture left.

    What is the symbol here?
    Count to 13 to be fucked by an ugly loser shitface whore?

  4. AndyDandy says:

    The police woman
    red hair
    blue trousers
    black vest
    white skin

    You get it: red, white, black, blue Freemason whore. get rid of the bitch whore.

  5. covfefe says:

    Trump: „Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

    He send it at 6.06 CET. On June 5. So thats 5/6/6.06 [ e/f/f.of ]
    covfefe = efefvoc = FFFOK

    Despite the constant negative press: enough FFFOK 666-fucks.
    Since he send it out on 6.06h CET time…. Well, he must be in Europe a lot.

    • covfefe says:

      I get fff (so 666) ok.
      fefev (fff=666) oc (ok)
      but 666 FOK is possible as well.

  6. covfefe says:

    Also, if I listen to the video of “America First, Netherlands Second” that went viral…
    Well, perhaps it was Trump himself who did the voiceover. He sounds like him.
    They are all actors, so why not do it to joke us?

  7. covfefe says:

    What signs do I see?

    – Regus
    – Express
    – To let
    – Mailbox

    So perhaps between now and 6 months an attack in this?

    And yes, the colour blue is so clearly enhanced. This is not normal.

  8. RdW says:

    Blue man group. Ook in Dortmund was er een foto met blauwe gezichten en MAN duidelijk.
    Misschien gaan ze een optreden van de BLUE MAN groep gebruiken voor iets.
    Iedereen kent dat wel. Het is ook lekker occult. Blauw en Zwart. Trommels. Pijpen.

  9. RdW says:

    Bij de Borussia aanslag zag ik 2 (!!) foto’s met een nummerbord dat eindigde op 904. Dat is wel erg toevallig, want het waren twee verschillende auto’s. Een brandweerwagen (rood) en een witte personenwagen. Maar 904 zegt me niets.

    Het is een vlucht van Moskou naar Amsterdam KLM 904.
    904 is een soort Porche
    E904 is schellak

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