BREAKING !!! (Help!) Where was this photo taken from? Well… We got him!?

Readers. This photo was taken in Stockholm 7 April 2017, on the day of the attack. A beer truck drove into a shoppingstreet called Drottninggatan. But where was the photographer located? Stockholm, yes. Street Drottninggatan, sure. But where? My guess is (based on rough calculations), exactly at the corner of Kyrkogatan and Drottninggatan. And this means, that the photo is taken from precisely the location, that provides first row seats for the whole incident, from beginning (truck stolen at Kyrkogatan) to the crash into the shop front (corner Master Samuelsgatan). That would be some coincidence, if it would be a coincidence. 

Why is this photo so important? Because it not only shows the route the stolen truck has taken, it also reveals some clues towards the recent (odd) attack in Times Square.   

We see the signs: Eagle, Teater, Manhattan, the Lion.

The perspective seems relatively high-up (not streetlevel), but almost in the middle of the road. Since the Drottninggatan is not a horizontal road, it seem plausible. But where exactly was the camera? Who knows? Any locals?

sweden-attack (1)

The camera was more up-hill on Drottninggatan, towards higher numbers. 

  • The white flag of “Skagen Fonds” is Drottninggatan 86
  • The restaurant “Skandia” (SF) is at Drottninggatan 82
  • Playhouse Theater is on Drottninggatan 71A.
  •  Shop “Face” is at Drottninggatan 65 and 3 is nextdoors.
  • This is downhill, towards the end of the “truck drive from hell”.

The photo is taken with an perspective almost from the middle of the road, as there are no buildings in the middle, it must be taken from far away.

  • The lights in the middle of the road, are almost aligned. We view the road lights a bit from above. The perspective seems just a bit to the right side (camera West from the middle of road), because of the perspective on the streetlights (right).
  • Yet, the front of Playhouse theater can be seen, as well as the top and side.
  • Moreover, the flag from Skagen Fonds is to the right from and just above from the red circles from Skandia (SF) Restaurant.
  • The camera must have been in a building on the East side of the street (left).

This photo is likely taken with a professional camera, as it is sharp, from further away. Likely it is taken from the first or second floor, of a building that is built relatively central to the road. My guess would be (just based on google maps streetview and rough calculations), the building of Synoptik, on Drottinggatan 92. It is the next corner from Playhouse. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the exact measures in Stockholm, so my caculations are not precise. My best guess is, either the first or second floor of that building, corner office (first floor is more likely).

Now what a coincidence. The truck was stolen, on exactly that side road, the Adolf Frediks Kyrkogatan. They say the truck was delivering beer to a customer on that road. Nowehere have I read anything about the location the truck was precisely and to whom exactly it was delivering. On the corner of Kyrkogatan I see “Monk’s” American Bar & Liquorshop. And then there is just around the corner: Lion Bar. [That”s our theme of the year with hoaxes!] Most likely, the delivery was at Tapas Bar Caliente, as they serve Spendrups beer brands and are located next to where the photographer of “our picture” likely was situated.

Beware, from that specific building on the corner of Kyrkogatan and Drottninggatan, one can view the whole happening, from beginning to end. From the moment the truck got stolen to the moment it drives into the shop front of Ahléns at the corner of Drottinggatan with Master Samuelsgatan.

Can any of you locals check and make sure?

ps. Playhouse Teater & Restaurant New York is situated at Drottninggatan 71. They offer theatre from New York, in the Swedish language. It is opposite coffeehouse “By George” (now “café Limerick”) and in between the hotel “Queen’s” at 71A and Bistro Bohéme (so BB, a reference to Bohemian Rapsody?). Not too long ago, Italian Restaurant Regina was located at number 71, but now Playhouse Teater NY. 

pps. Een Limerick is een dichtvorm van 5 regels, waarin in de eerste regel een persoon of dier met plaatsnaam geïntroduceerd wordt. Voorbeeld: Er was eens een kaasboer uit Gouda;  die liep rond de tafel zijn vrouw na;  De vrouw zei heel vief:  ‘Alles is relatief;  als ik iets harder loop, zit ik jou na!’  

ppps. In Stockholm, the department store Ahléns is a building with a for locals wellknown large clock outside on its front (Klarabergsgatan).

pppps. The truck in the end parks before the front of Ahléns department store, just behind the hot dog stands. It then somehow catches fire. The hotdog stands say “Korv”, which means “worst” in Dutch. It also says “Hot dog” and “Kall Lask” (Cold drinks).

ppppps. Abkve the Synoptik shop on Drottninggatan 92, is the Indian embassy (Kyrkogatan 12). They are it seems on the second floor. On the first floor is Grand Tours“, a Swedish travel agency (Drottninggatan 92). Their customers (since 1986) are mature and senior citizens, who prefer a package deal, like cruises and wellness holidays. The travel agency is open during office hours on Fridays (7 april 2017 was a Friday).  

pppppps. Spendrups, a Swedish brewery company, confirmed it was their truck. The truck was stolen when the Spendrup driver made a delivery nearby, shortly before the attack. So far it is unknown where the delivery was, but we do know it was a restaurant just north of the Drottinggatan. The truck was parked on Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogatan. It was almost 15.00h when the driver was unloading beer barrels at a restaurant, located in the streets around the Adolf Fredriks Church. This might actually have been Tapas Bar Caliente (which means “hot” in Spanish), as Caliente serve the Spendrups beer brands.  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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