Times Square, the footage looks real. Just as real as Hollywood.

On May 18 2017, around 11.45am New York time, Richard Rojan drives a red Honda Accord into pedestrins walking on 7th Avenue on Times Square. There were 23 victims, including one young woman from Michigan (18) who died.  

Personally I believe there was a car driving on the pavement in Times Square on May 18. But any normal person comfortably walking, would already have searched cover in or near a shop. The moment you hear screams, your instinct will tell you to move away from the centre of the street/pavement (find cover). To make sure everyone is finding cover, you can simply put some “helpers” along the route, to make sure disabled people, children and elderly, are also responding fast enough.

Next, victims are needed, who do not get out of the away fast enough. When they are given proper stuntman training, they know how to fall on the car and roll-over safely. By increasing the speed of the film, the effects seem more realistic. Notice, how people move more quickly then is natural? This is not just running, they increased the speed of the film. People don’t walk like that.

The only thing left to do, is make sure the victims remain on the pavement, with enough blood on them. It can be done.


  1. At 0.23s in the above (first) video, it shows how the Honda is able to make the U-turn after the traffic lights. First, the (bus) yellow taxi behind him stops before the traffic lights. The white van behind him in the middle lane, drives very slowly, apparantly to move to the left lane, but he does not move to the left, untill after the lights turn red again. The red Honda can now easily turn right, as it is before the traffic from the left can start driving again.
  2. The person with the suitcase-on-wheels waits in front of the zebra-street-crossing, even though he is allowed to cross the street. By having four people being hit at once the moment the car enters the pavement, everyone else is alarmed.
  3. Likely, the driver is a professional stuntman too. Either they trained him beforehand, or Richard Rojas switched places after the car was crashed. The street apphrehension where he was caught, includes a lot of man.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to Times Square, the footage looks real. Just as real as Hollywood.

  1. Mindy says:

    Richard “Times Square” Rojas. Richard T-trojas. His trojan horse was
    not jumping the iron fences. even though he tried.

  2. Jimmy is Back says:

    Just look at the pictures of the women who have died in these attackes.
    Facebook full with make-up nice clothes show your body beaches etc etc.
    None of the victims look like they had a bad hairday and forgot the make-up that day.

    I am surprised we have so far no stories of “her fiancee was about to propose and had already bought a ring for her”

  3. Jimmy is Back says:

    The woman in the video with the pink short (about 0:56) she looks behind her a while already, to be sure she can jump on at the right moment…. She is not running away, even though she is aware of the car coming. Jumps on top of the car. She seems to have bare feet too. Not sure.

    After that, the guy that falls on the ground before the car arrives and he’s not even trying to roll away before the car gets there. What’s that? I can imagine tripping, but flat on the ground and staying there? What do they do at that time? The car seems to ride over something and he is there, so what did they do? The guy gets up and walks away after !!!

  4. Jimmy is Back says:

    OMG. The guy that is on the ground at 0.:60 in the video…. At 0:56 he is already seen in the earier perspective. Actually, at 0:56s he is in a safe position, not far from the entrance to a shop. While others next to him run inside, he runs to the middle of the pavement and decides to fall down, flat on the floor !!! Why do that? He is wearing a black backpack, so this might protect him? You can wear a harnas-like black backpack?

    Anyway, the girl in the red/pink shorts is then still on the car, we don’t see her fall of the car.

  5. Geuz says:

    Funny how they increased the speed in these video’s, while when faking the moon landing, the video’s where decreased i time laps.

  6. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    Time square.

    They take fake photos when planning a hoax death.
    For them, humor. Even James Dean did this.

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