Viernheim 23/6: The masked gunman is dead

On the day of the UK referendum, another attack took place in Germany Viernheim. A socalled lone gunman attack the people in a cinema. kinopolis-rhein-neckar-logo-rcm1200x627u

  • The gunman was masked, unclear is why.
  • Socalled 25 injured, unclear is how.
  • The gunmans objective is unknown.
  • Viernheim is a Brundtlandstadt.
  • Major Matthias Baaß (since 1997, a long time to be major).
  • The Kinopolis logo is red, grey, black and it contains a sphere. These are occult symbols.

The number 23 was referred to before, in Brussels (22/3) and Orlando (22.30h).

What movies are in theatre at the moment the attack happens?

  1. X-men. Apocalypse.
  2. Me before you (note the red, black and white in the picture). Phoenix rising.
  3. Money Monster. About corruption in finance (with agents Clooney and Roberts).
  4. The Conjuring. Geesten in Enfield, London, 1977. Based on a true story. It never became clear if the victims were faking poltergeists in their house or they were real.
  5. Erlosung (salvation, which is again an Endtimes theme in Christianity).
  6. Central Intelligence: “After he reunites with an old school pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage”. I see some resemblance with my personal story.
  7. Warcraft. The human race against the orcs race. Based on video game.

It is not a 100% match, but many movies refer to the Endtimes and Recovery of human life. Then again, many movies are about the theme of some sort of fight and/or recovery.

So far, I have not seen enough to declare this a hoax attack in Viernheim. But I also have not seen anything that suggests it is real. It was at the pictures. And I see the colours red, white, black, blue and yellow. These are the primary colours, across the posters.

Germany Cinema Incident

Police officers stand in front of a cinema in Viernheim near Mannheim, southern Germany, Thursday, June 23, 2016. A gunman was shot by police after he took hostages in the complex. (Boris Roessler/dpa via AP)

In the media there are some action pictures, with scared victims running away and armed forces in action outside. We don’t see any real proof of threath or voilence. We don’t even know the name of the lone gunman yet. We just have to believe it is real.


Kino programm

The attack took place on Thursday June 23 2016, at 2:45 p.m. It is a Thursday afternoon. Most movies are cartoons. The programms (movies) played at that time were: Ein ganzes halbes Jahr (started 15.00h); Central Intelligence (started 14.45h); Angry Bird (started 14.30h, cartoon); The jungle book (started 14.30h, cartoon); Zoomania (started 14.30h, cartoon);  Einmal Mond und zuruck (started 14.45h, cartoon); Die Winzlinge (started 15.00h, cartoon).

On June 23, there are no school holidays yet. School holidays in Hessen start on July 18 (just three weeks later and the cinema would have been crowded with kids). In Germany, schools generally end relatively early at 13.30h. At the movies, one should expect mainly kids and youngsters at 14.45h in the afternoon on a weekday. But normally, cinema’s are not too crowded in the afternoon on a weekday. Why would he chose this timing?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to Viernheim 23/6: The masked gunman is dead

  1. waterman10 says:

    You just have to believe it is real.
    That’s why they call this programming the mind of society.
    Dit hele “programmeren” van de samenleving (in dit geval in Duitsland) doet mij denken aan de “verwarde” mens programmering.
    Men is de samenleving met dit soort drills/nep aanslagen aan het hersenspoelen dat aanslagen zijn uitgevoerd door “verwarde” mensen. In dit geval betreft de zogenaamde schutter een 19 jarige”verwarde” man uit Darmstadt te zijn.
    De Duitse jeugd kan al niet meer kritisch zelf nadenken dus die zal de officele politie berichten als koek slikken.
    Lever mij als kritisch denker maar eens de volledige identiteit van deze “dode” schutter uit Darmstad. Verder wil ik ook alle reacties van de familie en vrienden zien van deze zogenaamde “verwarde” schutter.
    Dan praten we verder.

  2. Geuz says:

    A sphere is an occult symbol?

    Every shape can be used as an occult symbol I suppose, but please don’t use the word “is”, or otherwise explain for what ritual it was used.
    Thank you.

    A sphere is a mathematical derived shape, that can be used for mathematical calculations, resulting is useful use graphics, architecture, geography, and many more purposes.
    A sphere being used in a graphical presentation in a logo is a choice by a designer, and so are colors used in any drawing. White and black are are the most practical colors to use. Red would be the third in the list a being practical, as we see in middle school where black or gray coloring pencils on white paper, are corrected by the red pen of the teacher.

    Voodoo and black magic uses demons to murder people, maybe poison, very rarely guns would be used.
    Guns are being used military organizations. And these use poison more often than satanic priests do.

    The lone gunman attack looks like a false flag from over here, although I can not be sure, because a civilian making an effort to get results from a violent suicide attack, would not attack other innocent civilians. What movie was being played there any ways, in the place that he went to shoot folk?

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