Steven Seagal: Mass shootings are engineered!

They (by now) want us to get angry with our own governments, in the USA (and in NL).


It is all 1984 and then upside-down as well.

It looks like Steven Seagal is being interviewed by RT (Russian Today), a TV station that is supposedly able to question the USA policies. It seems Steven Seagal is a hero, for answering the critical questions honestly. Not afraid to be called a conspiracy nut.

My theory? I told you before, Russia (and so RT) are in on the New World Order. They want to create a new order out of chaos. How? By continuing with the hoax terror attacks. By continuing with the extreme left policies (like fully open borders and gun control). By having some celebrities expose the lies through non-mainstream media, like RT, facebook and ninefornews. Unrest, chaos, problems, poverty, anger… that is all they want.

Who is doing this? The anchor woman of is wearing a red with black outfit and nice stone earrings. In the back you see a large “G” as well as two candles. Also, there are some sort of waterwheels or ventilators in the back. These are all masonic symbols. What this means? It means both the anchor woman and Steven Seagal are likely asked to hold this “critical” interview.

They want unrest. They want us to slowly wake-up.

ps. SS ben ik nu tegengekomen als Steven Seagal (zie boven), SS-bakstenen bij Antoinette Bont (Groningen), SIG Sauer wapen in Orlando (2016), Steve Stevaert (2015). 

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Steven Seagal: Mass shootings are engineered!

  1. waterman10 says:

    Top Orlando Cop Treats Shooting as a Joke

    Ze weten gewoon dat het een nep shooting was.
    Die man had beter niet in de camera spotlight moeten verschijnen,want hiermee gaat de MSM voor de zoveelste keer op z’n bek.

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