Cheers, full of illuminati symbols

Sorry, I hate to bring this to you, but… One of your favourite shows back then (no, not the Cosby show this time), well I certainly loved … Cheers. Yet, now I realize: It is full of Illuminati symbols.

To start with, the C in the Cheers logo is made into an “e”. The three e’s in the logo upside-down form the 666 symbol.

Like most TV shows that have risen to inmense popularity, there is an agenda behind it. Sitcoms that are popular, form our culture. They become the norm of “what a great life is”. In Sex and the City, this has been obvious (“girls should want to have fun”). The same is true for Game of Thrones (“royalties ar true hero’s and should be our leaders”).

Cheers also sells an agenda. The whole show is about laughing away problems. Not taking your responsabilities at work too seriously. Male bonding, with brotherly fights. And Sam, the main character, is continuously having sex with whatever he can get.sam-malone.jpg-4941

Sam Malone is played by Ted Danson. The perfect anagram is Mason Male. To the left a picture of Sam Malone with in the back the triangle behind the bar.

Sam’s nickname on the show is “May Day”. Like 911 and 112, “May Day” is an emergency code (for ships). You can think all this is a coincidence, but unfortunately it is not.

To the right an episode in which Sam is wearing a sports shiSnap18-1rt with the number 11. The scene says 911 and 112.

The colours blue, red, white and black refer to the Free Masons degrees. The L often refers to Lucifer.


And look at the professions of the main characters in Cheers. Bartenders, mail man, psychiatrists. These acheers_squarere typical professions the free masons like to attract as members, as they are pilars of the system, with access to confidential information.

By the way, the show ran for 11 seasons.



About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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5 Responses to Cheers, full of illuminati symbols

  1. The Brewer says:

    Cheers, from The Brewer 😉

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  3. Ad says:

    Na 11 jaar zit er wel eens een driehoek in beeld? Alleen Sam May Day Malone is duidelijk.

  4. Ad says:

    Ted Danson is Joodse, maar de rest van de crew niet, dus dat is ook niets bijzonder.

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