What sex means for world peace


The evidence is clear: The best predictor of a state’s stability is how its women are treated.

Here is some robust empirical evidence that we cannot ignore: Using the largest extant database on the status of women in the world today,  we found that there is a strong and highly significant link between state security and women’s security. In fact, the very best predictor of a state’s peacefulness is not its level of wealth, its level of democracy, or its ethno-religious identity; the best predictor of a state’s peacefulness is how well its women are treated. What’s more, democracies with higher levels of violence against women are as insecure and unstable as nondemocracies.

Our findings, detailed in our new book out this month, Sex and World Peace, echo those of other scholars, who have found that the larger the gender gap between the treatment of men and women in a society, the more likely a country is to be involved in intra- and interstate conflict, to be the first to resort to force in such conflicts, and to resort to higher levels of violence. On issues of national health, economic growth, corruption, and social welfare, the best predictors are also those that reflect the situation of women. What happens to women affects the security, stability, prosperity, bellicosity, corruption, health, regime type, and (yes) the power of the state. The days when one could claim that the situation of women had nothing to do with matters of national or international security are, frankly, over. The empirical results to the contrary are just too numerous and too robust to ignore.

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The question is how come? 

  • Does inequality create a dissatisfied next generation, e.g. frustrated like mum?
  • Are angry/frustrated men less able to have a relationship, thus sexual aggressive?
  • Are limited women rights (implemented) used by regimes to start control an entire population? A lead indicator for social unrest amongst the entire population?
  • Are there organizations that destabilize countries using voilence against women to motivate men to join the fight?  (allowance to rape for men who join a fight? eg ISIS)
  • Is voilence against women a symptom of a highly corrupt government system?

I am sure the UN and Free Masons “investigated this” years ago.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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