Natalee Holloway: Lay-out of the hotel (5)

This is what scenario 3 likely would have looked like (see part 4).

On an American website I found pictures of the Holiday Inn hotel in Aruba, showing where Natalee Holloway was staying that night. The pictures belong to “Connie” and I thank her for the effort. Here is google maps: link.  

075020a_hb_s_009 2120327 Taxistandplaats Holiday Inn

Natalee Holloway resided in the Holiday Inn in Aruba, which is a beach resort. Her room number was 7114, which is the Curacao tower, on the ground floor. The central lobby entrance (picture above right) is on the other side.

Map hotel Holiday Inn HI-2a

It is unlikely Natalee Holloway entered the central lobby through the main entrance that night. To get to her room, she should have been seen. She stayed in the Curacao tower. Below the entrance to the Curacao tower, which is the archway over the “taxi drop-off” roundabout in the above picture (on the right side). [google maps]

Main entrance of the Curacao building

We can see two doors towards the Curacao tower (one in the tower and one in the small entrance building). There is also a fire escape stairways. This is the taxi drop-off point to her building. Since Natalee’s keycard was not used here, she either did not enter that night or she was with others who used their keycards. It is very likely no-one sees who is dropped-off by a taxi in the night, in this part of the hotel.

I am not sure if these main entrance doors (of the Curacao tower) were open that night (even with a key). It might be the hotel limits the number of acces points during the night. According to this forum, the roundabout was not open for taxi’s, for some reason. In that case, their building could not be reached by car directly.

In any case, the closest one could get to room 7114, is by not driving to the hotel, but to MoomBa restaurant, which is nextdoors. From the parking lot of MoomBa restaurant, you can easily get to the personnel parking lot of the Holiday Inn. A taxi can drop the girls off, even in front of their hotelroom. If only a person would open the glassdoors for them, from the inside of the hotel room (for instance, Tray, Madison´s boyfriend).

Above pictures show the inside of the main entrance in the Curacao building. Her hallway was immediately to the left of the elevator. On the right, a picture of her hallway. This hallway has security camera’s. Why don’t we know who used her room keycard 3 times between 2.00-4.00h that night? There are security camera’s.

Direct access rooms ground floor

On the East side of the small entrance building to the Curacao tower (just past the fire escape stairways) there is a green gate, but it is easily opened (pulled down). Natalee’s room can be seen in the same 2 pictures, it is on the ground floor. A taxi can get to here, from Moomba’s parking lot. The rose bushes cover the sight of what happens here, all the way to te beach.

Remember, most of her classmates were in the bar Carlos’n Charlies until 1.15 am. The rooms nextdoors were mostly empty. Just some students were on the other side of the building, having a drink at the pool.


Restaurant Moomba’s Parking lot

The picture on the right show the same access point again. To the right, the parking lot of Moomba. On the left side, the back of the entrance for Holiday Inn. The green fence is easily taken down.

Behind the green fens is the parking area for personnel of Holiday Inn. From Natalee’s room 7114, she had a direct look at the cars of employees working that night.

The set-up makes you wonder.

Side entrance

Next to the Curacao tower, is the second swimming pool area (beach side). From the pool, one can also walk towards the Curacao tower side entrance. This entrance is very visible to many. It also requires a keycard to enter. In a scenario of kidnap at the hotel, it is unlikely Natalee took this entrance that night.

The second picture show the same side entrance, but from inside. It can only be accessed with a card key, but from the inside it can be opened easily.

It is unlikely Natalee is kidnapped and then taken through this exit point. The pool is on the beach side and surrounded by buildings.


Given the lay-out of the Holiday Inn and the location of Natalee’s room, it is very well possible she went back to her room unseen. She could have gotten into a taxi, for instance with her roommates Madison and Ruth, around 0.20h. A taxi can drive upto their hotel room, when a friend lets them in through the glass terrace doors. After being made unconscious, she can easily have been: either carried to a neighbouring room, through the terrace doors again, or else taken (with a hotel supplier) wagon/van to the airport the same morning, or carried to Moomba restaurant (closed after 11pm) and taken from there. 

I can not imagine how Natalee Holloway would have still been on the island after May 30 (dead or alive), as later that day the news was out she had been gone.


ps. I wish I knew why Beth Holloway didnot show the world the terrace doors and how they provide access to the personnel parking lot. 

pps. Alabama en Mississippi are two States in the USA where the legal age of maturity of a child is not 18 years, but respectively 19 and 21 years of age. This is important, as parents then still have the right to make decisions for their child. Why I find this important? Not all parents make better decisions for their children, compared to the children themselves. Many children at the age of 16 years are more responsible then their parents. In the case of Natalee, Beth still had a right to make decisions for Natalee. Natalee disappeared at the age of 18 years. She was exactly 6.796 dagen days old (18 years and 6 months).  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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7 Responses to Natalee Holloway: Lay-out of the hotel (5)

  1. Sherlock H says:

    Een ieder hier op deze wereld is helaas behept met de vooringenomenheid dat hem of haar om welke reden dan ook met de paplepel is ingegoten Maud. Daarom neem ik het je nooit meer kwalijk dat je angstvallig geconditioneerd vandaan bepaalde aspecten die alles met dit Holloway dossier te maken hebben weg blijft. Toch hoop ik dat je mijn volgende links hier onder mijn huidige comment ten bate van je cold-case ‘onderzoek’ alsnog meeneemt. Deze wereld is namelijk tot in alle haarvaten van ieder aspect binnen ‘ons’ bestaan dan wel functioneren terminaal afhankelijk inclusief besmet geraakt door demonen in mensengedaante die d.m.v. list, bloeddorst en geslepen bedrog een onbevredigbare machtshonger naar de totale controle over deze wereld nastreven..;

    What Really Happened To Natalee Holloway

    The Father — Paulus Van Der Sloot

    Origin of the Van Der Sloot name

    Beth Twitty’s New York Lawsuit

  2. Vogeltje says:

    Als die moeder in dat hotel gezeten heeft en de situatie lokaal kent…. Als zij vrienden is met de “vriendinnen” van Natalee. 1 + 1 = 2.

    Ik dacht telkens dat de pa van Holloway wel eerlijk was, maar misschien is hij bang. Want ook een vent moet snappen dat hij ook de vrienden van Natalee moet uitzoeken. En moet kijken naar wie er van/naar dat eiland is gekomen rond die dag.

    Er zijn per definitie 3 opties:
    1. Ze is ontvoerd vanaf dat eiland op 30 mei 2005.
    2. Ze is vermoord rond 1.00h op 30 mei en het lichaam is zoekgemaakt.
    3. Ze is nog weken op dat eiland vast gehouden.

    Optie 2 is het minst aannemelijk. Optie 1 is het meest aannemelijk. Ik vraag me alleen nog af wat Beth dan deed al die tijd achtereen op Aruba. Waarom bleef ze zo lang? En wat deed Jug dan?

  3. Jimmy is Back says:

    Beth Holloway, ik kan die kop niet meer zien. Zit ze daar bij Oprah (foute satanische Oprah). Als je Beth Holloway de ruimte geeft in je show, dan ben je of dom of helemaal fout. Zuig wijf.

  4. AndyDandy says:

    Read the recent blog about Cas Jansen (actor All Stars) and Natalee Holloway plus about Joran van der Sloot and Penelope Garcia (now actor Criminal Minds). Open our eyes.

  5. AndyDandy says:

    In Dutch the role of fake crome fighter in the media.

  6. AndyDandy says:

    Who is the best casting for the role of Natalee and Joran? Dont believe us, look at the facts.

  7. Jimmy is Back says:

    Yep Natalee Holloway is a hoax.
    She was played by Cas Jansen from the Netherlands.
    Fake news all the way.

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