Paris attacks: Casa Nostra, what happened? (part 2)

The smoking gun: This is a false flag hoax attack. 

Let’s review the facts and expose who did this. Below a video of the security camera’s in Casa Nostra, Paris. It is Friday 13 November and 22.34h. First, I will share with you what the Daily Mail writes about this CCTV video from the restaurant owner. Then, I will tell you what really went on, just based on my analysis so far. It is 1984, again.

On November 18 Daily Mail publishes the following analysis.


Daily Mail   publishes

It is an unseasonably pleasant evening and some of the restaurant’s customers are eating or drinking on the terrace outside. At one table, to the right of the door looking out from the restaurant bar, sits a young woman in a chic trench coat. Her name is Lucille and she is having an al fresco supper with her boyfriend Quentin and another male friend.

At the other table on the left side of the door sit the two twenty-something women. All are regulars. Inside the pizzeria only two tables are occupied at this hour. At one, beneath a mirror by the main door, another two women can be seen chatting and laughing over drinks. At another table next to a side door a young couple are eating pizzas. The dark haired man has put his quilted jacket over the back of his chair.

Behind the bar two members of staff chat to each other as they work. One is Samir, a short, bald headed young barman and waiter. He is folding napkins and placing them on the counter. The other, washing glasses, is Jasmine, the pizzeria’s 20-year-old waitress who will shortly become the heroine of this story. 

She is a student and has only been in the job for a month. Jasmine is Parisian-born, but her parents hail from Morocco and Algeria; the same ethnic background as the men who even now are in the street outside and are about to shatter this relaxed and scene in a hail of indiscriminate and murderous gunfire.

9.34 and 8 secs. From the CCTV camera above the bar you can see the people at the tables outside chatting animatedly. A man, thought to be Quentin, can be seen through the window of the side door. His head is thrown back in laughter. It is the last moment before the horror engulfs them all. 

9.34 and 9 secs. The world explodes. The view in all three tapes is suddenly clouded by flying debris as the first volley of automatic fire rips into the restaurant. There is a maelstrom of shattering glass. In the next few seconds the effect of multiple bullet impacts can be seen on the back wall above the bar, close to the main CCTV camera.

Samir’s mouth falls open, he and Jasmine clutch each other and instinctively duck behind their counter, the waitress pushing her colleague’s head further into cover. Almost immediately Samir wriggles away and flees down the stairs to the cellar kitchen, Jasmine is left alone, crouched behind the bar.

One of the women sitting at the table under the mirror stands up and cowers with her face to the wall. Her companion flinches and throws herself to the floor. The young man eating pizza has pulled back his chair and dived under his table. His female companion also disappears from sight.

9.34 and 15-17 secs. The first fugitive from the bloodbath outside bursts through the restaurant door. It is Lucille and she has been shot through the wrist. Bent over and holding her arm the terrified young woman runs across the restaurant dining area and throws herself behind the bar. CCTV footage shows Jasmine immediately begin to comfort the wounded older woman, cradling her head.

9.34 and 18 secs. Seconds after Lucille, the male friend with whom she and Quentin had been dining comes hurdling over an upturned terrace chair and through the door. He is wearing a double-breasted camel coat and glasses. More bullets can be seen impacting along its frame as he does so, missing him by inches. He is running for his life; how he has not been hit already, like the other two at his table, is a miracle. He throws himself headlong onto the floor and huddles in a ball at the foot of the bar, in plain view from the street, before running up the stairs of the cafe.

9.34 and 20 secs. In the top left of the screen of the CCTV camera behind the bar pointing at the main door one can see the first sign of movement of the ISIS killers. It is a male dressed in pale clothes. He does not appear to be wearing body armour or a suicide vest but he is clearly carrying an AK-47 style assault rifle, carried at waist height. One can see the banana shaped magazine silhouetted against a yellow parked car. Unlike everyone else you see in the film he is calm and moving slowly from left to right across the street outside; unpanicked.

9.34 and 22 secs. The gunman turns around and raises the rifle to his shoulder. He has seen something out of shot and is taking aim.

9.34 and 24 secs. There are more flashes and flying debris as another ripple of automatic fire crashes into the pizzeria.

9.34 and 26 secs. The man thought to be Quentin can be seen through the side door raising his head from his hiding place under his table. Where have the gunmen gone? Three seconds later a woman outside can be seen standing up and fleeing up a side street. Quentin follows after her.

9.34 and 27 secs. Jasmine is examining Lucille’s wound. She puts her arm around her shoulders to comfort and protect the casualty.

etc. etc. All in the Daily Mail (LINK) 


So that is the story they want us to believe. Now let’s see what happenend, because again cheap tricks have been played upon us.

  1. Lucille, Quentin and their friend, almost pulled it off, but not yet! 
  2. There is no evidence the socalled ISIS shooters shot any bullets.
  3. Stories told by the CCTV camera’s, the photo’s of the crime scene and the Daily Mail, are not consistent with eachother. 

Lucille and her boyfriend were sitting outside, at the location where the chair is in the below picture. The only gunshot holes we see in the restaurant, are infact behind their table.

Casa Nostra nguoi-paris-bang-hoang-don-dau-sau-dem-khung-bo-kinh-hoang

Lucille, Quentin and their friend, almost pulled it off, but not yet!

At 22.34:09s it all starts. Quentin can be seen in the windows on the right hand side, where he is just taking a sip from his drinks. Lucille sits outside in front of the main entrance. Their friend is supposed to sit somewhere in between them. At 22.34:09s there is a flash of light inside the restaurant, it is unclear where that comes from. It does help the people to react simultaneously. Everyone immediately dives down. At 22.34:11s again there is a flash inside, which is exactly when Lucille gets up.

Notice when in the video we can first see a bullet hole in the door window. From 22.34:09s we see the bullet hole the one on the left (calculated from the inside). At 22.34:11s it is the two bullet holes to the right, the lowest. At the same time we see smoke moving up from the area in front of the doors, to the left (calculated from inside the restaurant). At 22.34:13s a shot goes through the door, as we can see a smoke pattern inside the restaurant, coming from the door.



At 22.34:13s it is clear how Lucille is shooting at least one shot, just when she approaches the door. The so-called injurie “shot in the wrist” is to cover-up she is hiding a gun under her jacket. Who gets shot in the wrist anyway? What are the chances of being shot in the wrist and have no other injurie? At 22.34:17s I can see she carries something black under her left arm under her coat.   


At 22.34:17s, a vehicle with strong headlights seems to drive towards the entrance. This is when we first see the friend with whom Lucille and Quentin are said to have had dinner outside. It is not clear where he exactly comes from. He walks shrough the door and crawls away from the camera behind the bar. At 22.34:30s, two persons outside run away from the terrace behind the windows on the left (seen from inside). At the same time the friend of Lucille/Quentin runs up the stairs inside the restaurant. We still have not seen his face.

There is no evidence the socalled ISIS shooters fired any bullets.

A gunman with an automatic weapon walks towards the people hiding below the tables outside. He aims, yet does not fire (or has no bullets left). Seconds later, both girls outside stand up and run away. Nowhere in the video we actually see convincingly how the gunmen fired shots. They have just been walking around with machineguns looking spooky.

The camera’s inside tell another story. 

There is hardly any damage to the restaurant, except the holes in the one door window and the holes in the wooden panel next to it. That’s all I can see, yet in front of the three security camera’s, whenever there was a shot fired, the camera’s had particles flying around in front of the camera. I am under the impression, these particles were actually mainly flying around in front of the camera’s. This was the case for all three camera viewpoints.


220px-Cash's_captive_bolt_pistolI am not even convinced, that the three holes in the purple wooden panel to the left of the door, are indeed bullet holes from bullets fired outside in. Somehow I expect a bullet to go deeper. Also, the area around the holes lost paint. I wonder how they made these holes. It might just have been a captive bolt pistol with a pin in it. They operate on air pressure and make no loud noise. Maybe Casa Nostra deliberately forgot to hang the second menu outside on this side. The other one is there (other side of terrace).

Casa Nostra stream_img

I am sure many readers will have doubts, when first reading these theories. But let’s be clear. The shooter carrying the machine gun did not fire or did not have ammunition (and no extra ammunition at hand!). This is odd. We all know that. We also know, that there have been no serious injuries in Casa Nostra. No-one can dispute, that there are only bullet holes behind the table where Lucille and Quentin were seated. At 22.34:13s we can see how Lucille actually fires at the door.

False flag. It would be less safe to have a shooter firing at the restaurant at 20 metres distance. An agent nearby shooting outside in, with clear views of what happens inside, can make sure there are bullet holes, but no victims. Well done! How awful knowing elsewhere real victims are killed and forgotten, while these secret agents are honoured. 

ps. On 13 November 1887 was Bloody Sunday in the UK. It was the people against the police. Now what is this?  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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5 Responses to Paris attacks: Casa Nostra, what happened? (part 2)

  1. It’s also strange that the shooter walks up to the two women outside, point his gun on them and doesn’t shoot.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      Definetely. What was that?

    • matahari5 says:

      En Lucille met de gebroken pols wordt door de andere vrouw achter de tap stevig bij haar linkeronderarm gepakt. Daarna bespreken ze even of het allemaal goed ging en vervolgens haalt Lucille misschien wel een oortje uit haar linkeroor.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      Als Lucille later de kelder inloopt, heeft ze ineens niet zo’n last meer van een stijve pols. Ze loopt normaal.

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