Paris attacks: What happened at Casa Nostra? (part 1)

paris-attack-mapOn 13 November 2015, first the two restaurants Le Petit Cambodge, 20 Rue Alibert (LINK) and Le Carillon bar, 18 Rue Alibert  (LINK) were attacked. Then they went to the pizzeria Casa Nostra, 2 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, where they are said to have killed 5 people  LINK.

Appearantly, no-one was heavily injured in the café Casa Nostra. The 5 people shot dead, were actually shot dead in the street, not far from Casa Nostra. In Casa Nostra the damage was limited.

There is good video footage of what happened in and outside the pizzaria Casa Nostra. Here’s a link, study the material. You can debunk yourself?

CSI work

First thing I wonder about, is why the crime scene is not sufficiently guarded to make sure it is not contaminated. Is this not a crime important enough, they want to be sure who-ever is behind it, will actually face a trial and so no evidence is lost? The doors are not taped to assure nobody will access the crime scene. Also, people indeed wrote text behind the red/white tape and brought flowers. That’s all nice for pictures in the media, but you would expect to have police around 24/7 to assure high quality CSI-work. Somehow that is not the case. It is put on display.


It is remarkable, how few bullet holes there are in the establishment. I only see holes in the left door and in the wood to the left side of this door. How come the security video shows so much pieces flying through the air, when appearantly, the café was hit just a few times?

Casa Nostra nguoi-paris-bang-hoang-don-dau-sau-dem-khung-bo-kinh-hoang casanooostra-2048x1363

In part 2 I will analyze the footage and damage to the restaurant in detail.

Heart signsLiveLeak-dot-com-06d_1447585266-1447580314930_1447585311_zpslhzfuiba

Notice how someone drew three hearts on the ground and the text “courage” with a heart on the door. Who would do that with a normal crime scene. Remember, within the Bataclan there was also a “heart” sign drawn on the floor “in blood”.

The heart signs are not left by the terrorists, as at Casa Nostra, some pictures of the establishment right after the attack have the sign, while others do not. This is insane. Overigens heeft McDonald van nature al een hartvormig rood M-logo.

Casa Nostra stream_img

Le Petit Cambodge 001_762_rb-image-2720873 images

To be honest, it is a bit ridiculous. A heart is not a standard sign for mourning losses after an attack, yet it is everywhere in Paris.

ps. Odd coincidence. Both restaurant Cambodge and pizzaria Casa Nostra are next to an Franprix location. Belle Equipe also has one around the corner. And Bataclan has one just across the street.    

pps. Twitter changed the star-symbol into a heart symbol November 3. I do not want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, well. Why is this? 

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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