Victims of Paris

The first names of victims are available.


  • Elodie Breuil (23). Design student in Paris.
  • Nicolas Classeau. Director of IUT, an Educational Institute.
  • Guillaume Decherf (43). Music journalist for magazine Les Inrockuptibles. He was present in Bataclan.
  • Elsa Delplace (35). She had both the French and Chilian nationality. She was present in the Bataclan café.
  • Asta Diakite. Niece of French national football player Lassana Diarra.
  • Romain Didier (32). Stierf op straat bij het Bataclan café. Zijn vriendin stierf ook op straat maar in Rue de Charonne.
  • Matthieu Giroud, Geology teacher at IUT school.
  • Mathias Dymarski (22).
  • Renaud Le Guen (29). Bataclan. Worked at MAN Truck & Bus, who customize trucks and buses, for instance for public transport.
  • Pierre-Antoine Henry.
  • Matthieu Hoche (38). Journalist France24.
  • Djamila Houd (41). She worked in the fashion industry in Paris.
  • Pierre Innocenti (40). Restaurant Owner.
  • Marie Lausch (23). Worked in Marketing and PR.
  • Lamia Mondeguer. Stierf op straat in Rue de Charonne. Haar vriend stierf bij de aanval op Bataclan (toevallig). Lamia is werkzaam in de creatieve sector bij bureau Studio Noma (casting, talentbegeleiding).
  • Yannick Minvielle (37). Worked as a director Advertising agency.
  • Cedric Mauduit. Worked for municipal office in Calvados, Normandië.
  • Marie Mosser (24). Worked at Mercury Music Group (record label).
  • Quentin Mourier (29). Architect. Present at Bataclan.
  • Victor Munoz (25) stierf op de Rue de Charonne.
  • Patricia San Martin Nunez (61).  She had both the French and Chilian nationality. Nunez according to the Chilian Ministry of Foreign Affaors the niece of the Chili ambassador in Mexico, Ricardo Nunez.
  • Aurélie De Peretti (33).
  • François-Xavier Prévost (29). Present in café Bataclan. Worked in the advertising world in France.
  • Valentin Ribet (26). Criminal Law lawyer at Hogan Lovells.
  • Lola Salines (29). Worked as an editor for Publisher Gründ. She was present in Bataclan.


  • Valeria Solesin (28). She had worked as a volunteer for Emergency Cecilia Strada, a medical care non-profit organization from Italy.


  • Mohamed Amine Benmbarek (28). An architect and school teacher. He was present at the Bataclan together with his wife.


  • Nohemi Gonzalez (23). Had zowel de Mexicaanse als USA nationaliteit. Student Design in Paris and in California. Involved in design of durable products.
  • Michelle Gil Jaimes (29).  Had zowel de Mexicaanse als Spaanse nationaliteit.


  • Alberto Gonzalez Garrido (29). An engineer from Spain working in Paris, at EDF energy company. Present in Bataclan.


  • Nick Alexander (36). Selling merchandise for the Californian rockband Eagles of Death Metal in Bataclan.


  • Thomas Ayad (34). Werkte voor platenmaatschappij van Eagles.

Veel slachtoffers werken in de collectieve of creatieve sector. Ik heb de intenties om van al deze mensen (en de anderen) de achtergrond goed uit te zoeken, zodat we weten wie we zullen missen.

Een twitter account met alle slachtoffers vindt u hier: link.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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