The Dodi & Diana accident: What are the scenario’s?

  1. 79855586_10It was an unfortunate accident.
  2. An accident. Once it happened, it was too convenient to provide limited medical care.
  3. This was a murder plot, to get rid off the couple.
  4. Lady Diana set-up a fake accident herself, to be able to live a quiet life, while her name will be remembered.
  5. Lady Diana set-up the accident herself together with the British royal family, so she can live quietly for a while, and then resurrect herself to obtain a position of power.

Option 1: It was an unfortunate accident. I can’t believe this scenario. Everything about that evening was odd. First, they decide to have dinner in the Ritz hotel. Who goes to a hotel to have a dinner? Either you eat at home or you go out, but dinner at a hotel is not a logical choice. Then the fuzz with the two cars. Why? When you just go home! Then the accident, followed by a very slow rescue team. Two hours before Diana got to the hospital for medical care. Nothing about the evening says this is what you would expect for lady Diana, princess of Wales.

Option 2 sounds more acceptable. But, when secret service agents conduct a crime like this in a foreign country (this is not the UK), they work slowly to prepare every detail beforehand. Their way of working is not ad hoc. When they do work ad hoc, the set-up is less complex. They would simply have everything go as normally expected, except they’d have someone poisson Diana somewhere in the process or something like that.

Option 3. A murder plot. Possibly yes. Who would have been “in on it”? Their route through the Alma tunnel was not a logical route. Who decided to go along with the con of the second care to get rid off the paparazzi? It is difficult to get all this done, with Dodi Al-Fayed accept every step of the process until the car accident. It was his apartment, his dad’s hotel and two employees of Al-Fayed who were in the front seats of the car. Would Dodi Al-Fayed be involved in the murder plot of lady Diana? Why?

Option 4 sounds the least believable. If she would have wanted a quiet life, she could have just moved to some small town and live modestly, avoiding locations where the press might show up. Within 6 months, they would leave her alone for sure, especially if the Royal family uses their power to keep the press quiet. With an accident like this, she is discussed for many years. No-one will forget about this.

Option 5: Dodi & Diana organize a fake accident together with the royal family. This way they can live a quiet life somewhere on the planet for a while. Very likely they have plans for the future too, as they made sure Diana is remembered the way she is. Also, they made sure the whole world saw how she was followed around by paparazzi. There is an excuse clearly presented for organizing a fake accident: she is already forgiven.

We will evaluate the 3 main options in later articles: murder, accident, and fake accident.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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