How did Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul leave the Alma tunnel?

The formal story is how lady Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed were both in the backseat of the Mercedes, when Henri Paul drives the car into the Alma tunnel in Paris in 1997. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones sits in the passenger seat in the front (right), with behind him Diana.

Then the accident happens. There should be four people in the car. We are told how Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul are considered dead almost immediately. We are also told how Diana remained in the backseat. Rees-Jones was injured but screaming for help (so alive).

The first to arrive on the scene is Dr Mailliez, who just passed by in his car when it happened. He says he sees four people in the car, and he immediately thinks Henri Paul and Dodi Al-Fayed are dead. Having worked for the fire brigade as an emergency doctor, Mailliez was able to call the emergency services dispatch centre directly and give an initial medical assessment. He gives the blond woman in the back oxygen to help her breath. She is waving around with her arms, so he wants to calm her down, he says. Then he phones for help, asking for two ambulances that are fully equiped.

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The Daily Mail has published the transcript of the call made by Dr Frederic Mailliez treating Princess Diana to a Corporal Bourdon in the dispatch room of the Paris fire service at 0.26am on August 31, 1997 (link): 
Cpl Bourdon: Fire brigade, Hello.
Dr Mailliez: Hello, it’s Dr Mailliez, there’s been a serious accident with at least three people seriously injured, but I’m not sure where I am exactly. It’s on the embankment.
Cpl Bourdon: You are on the Alma Bridge, aren’t you, by the Place de la Concorde?
Dr Maillez: It’s before that, before.
Cpl Bourdon: Before it?
Dr Mailliez: Oh yes, we’re before it.
Cpl Bourdon: You say that there are people seriously injured. What does that mean for you?
Dr Mailliez: There are one or two who appear to be dead and two others seriously injured. I can’t tell you any more than that. 
Cpl Bourdon: OK.
Dr Mailliez: We’ll need at least two ARs. (The court heard that ARs are ambulances equipped for resuscitation). Cpl Bourdon: We’re on our way, we’re on our way.

princess-diana-and-dodi-last-hours-princess-diana-17083590-500-331When the fire brigade arrives, they somehow believe they need to cut open the roof of the car, in order to save Diana from the backseat area. The damage done to the back of the car, is mainly due to the removal of the roof.

To the right a picture of the car. I still see no reason why they needed the roof taken off, in order to take her out of the backseat area, but I might have missed something here. In the pictures above we saw, how both the doors on the right side of the car, can be fully opened. The door where Diana was sitting even seems without a scratch.

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Next, the photos show us how Diana is lying across the backseat area. She is in the car and the roof is off. There is no sign of Dodi Al-Fayed. Where did the bodies of Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul go? Normally during an accident, ambulances are requested for the number of people involved, no matter what state they are in according to bystanders/witnesses. Here we only see Diana (or someone who looks like her). If an ambulance had already arrived, it makes no sense to take Dodi Al-Fayed first, as according to witnesses, he was dead. Moreover, when they are able to take out Dodi-Al-Fayed, they can also take out lady Diana, unless she is pinned in the car. There is no mention of that. It does not look that way. If so, taking off the roof of the car does not help.

I still have many questions. One of them is: Where did Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul go?

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to How did Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul leave the Alma tunnel?

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  2. Em says:

    It is so fucking obvious now.

    Diana was scheduled to get to an ending like this, as her whole life story told in the media makes her “someone everyone must remember” a victim, mostly. Of course that is just image, she is uber-rich and never worked a day in her life.

    Anyway, so there are 3 cars. Cat number one leaves the hotel with the sole objective of taking the press with them. Then two cars that are similar drive into the tunnel. In the second car, Diana, Dodi, Henri Paul and Trevor Reese Jones.

    The third car is right behind them. In the third car, a Diana look-alike is captured in the backseat. She is likely drugged. In the driver seat sits no-one. They have a second smaller steeringwheel in the pasenger seat in the front. So the third car is driven by a stuntman who deliberately steers the car into the pilar. He then quickly leaves the scene, making sure the small extra steering wheel is covered with the safety balloon that opens up when an accident occurs.

    So only the Diana-look-alike is left in the car. The doctor is first at the scene. He does not give her oxygen, he gives the poor woman a drug to calm her down (in a coma). So fake Diana is the only victim in the third car. They now need to destroy the car, so no-one sees the second steering wheel (a second steering wheel is by the way a feature for driving lessons, I dont make this up).

    Fake Diana goes into the ambulance to be killed in the next hour.
    The car is so destroyed, it is taken as well by a pick-up.

    End of stiry. They dont care about the fake Diana woman, she is just a nobody.
    They want the attention and a new life.

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