People believe all the media coverage of this woman

Lady Diana hardly worked a day in her life. She has always been super rich and protected. The whole thing about her being harassed by the media, was definitely scripted or asked for, like with Jackie Kennedy. Both women average looking, yet beautiful skinny, always wearing the best clothes and jewelry money can buy. The only job they have is to build their image and to make warm polite conversations. I believe she can do that and very lovely too.

Does anyone believe the worldwide press follows a person around this long, because they want to themselves? Or is it all planned photo ops? Be presented as a victim. Then show strength. The people read all this in the media and feel sorry for her. Why? She had an easy life. The average woman in Almere has had more problems on her plate than she had.

Personally, I believe lady Diana has beforehand discussed every word in this interview, so the question is why she would answer in the way that she is:

“The perception being given of me for the last three years has been very confusing, turbulent, and in some ways many people doubt me. And I want to reassure all those people, who have loved me and supported me throughout the last 15 years, that I would never let them down. That is a priority to me along with my children. The people that matter to me and the man on the street, because that’s what matters to me more then anything else.”

The only question is: why did those who own the media, build her brand so strong like they did? If the royal family really did not like it, they would block it, easily. Who wanted her to be this famous? The most photographed woman in the world. Why? Why did she agree to it?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to People believe all the media coverage of this woman

  1. Geuz says:

    I can answer these questions.

    She was/is a puppet for the espionage team surrounding the House of Windsor.
    As every noble in Europe, I suppose also else where, are surrounded by a team of top espionage from Rome.

    Britain has been a Kingdom for over 2000 years now.
    As first queen is regarded Queen Boudicca, AD 60 or 61, at least that is what historians know. Of course she died of the poisoned cup. The historians are not always to be trusted, but from the accounts I would read, Queen Boudicca’s family served the Roman Empire as puppets for Pontifex Maximus. Nothing in British rule has changed for all that time, but at the same time, many battles where held by the British people against their oppressors. Queen Elisabeth of Tudor, 1533-1633 would battle the Roman Empire in the same way Queen Boudicca did, but she would win. This was due to the Reformation off course, Britain was able to win against Rome almost completely, as other European countries and provinces would, because of bookprinting and the work of Desiderius Erasmus, where in the Roman Propaganda was defeated.

    This victory against the Roman Empire ended with the poisoning of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), the Lord protector of England. Victory may be a bit strange word, because the victory against Rome was a continues war. After Oliver Cromwell was murdered by the Roman Secret Service, efforts like King William of Orange gave some last victories, but espionage had already infiltrated so much of the British Government, that King Billy would sometimes help Rome, because the people would again start to believe propaganda rather than truth.

    My greatest teacher ever, Eric Jon Phelps, stated that Britain is ruled by Rome at least since King George III. I would estimate, from the over view given here, that after King Billy no victory ever was made against Rome, except maybe the starting of the state of Israel. Britain is from the Monarchy, that are puppets for Rome, a Jesuit Reduction. Queen or King obeys Rome, or gets murdered, just as the popes and any other nobility in Europe.

  2. Geuz says:

    Sorry typo, Elisabeth Tudor = Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603)

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