Flight 9252: We zien geen lichamen

  • Sure, the story of Andreas Lubitz bringing this plane down is a lie.
  • Likely, my alternatibe theory about how it was done, is largely correct.
  • Unsure, if they did this without the passengers even being onboard.

What really goes on, is so ridiculous, no intelligent person can ever come up with this catastrophe. The official story does not add up, that is for sure. But so far, I have not even seen any proof there were people onboard the moment the plane crashed. The socalled video of the last minutes of the flight, never was shared with us, even though we have seen worse.

No matter what video footage or photo coverage I look at, I see no evidence of human remains. Somehow. I hope I am right here.

Crash-planes France Plane Crash germanwings-plane-crash-alps 273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to Flight 9252: We zien geen lichamen

  1. Kritisch says:

    Let it go please, so stressful for the people, that lost love ones.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      I lost my life myself, to the same scumbags. The only thing we can do, is get enough people awake to get rid of the scumbags.

  2. Kritisch says:

    No matter who you hurt in the proces?

    • maudoortwijn says:

      I never do any damage to anyone who is not guilty. The family of victims do want the truth to be found.

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  4. Kritisch says:

    You only damage people you THINK are guilty. It is your opinion, do not see any proof!

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