Two convicts: Estimated size of the manhole.

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Two men, Richard Matt and David Sweat, escaped from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility (a high security prison) on June 7 2015. They are both from New York and both about 1,80cm tall.

The manhole outside they escaped from, is on google maps: link. To me it does not seem to be particularly large: link and link.

I made some rough calculations, based on this photo –link– and my estimate is, that the manhole is 90cm diameter max. That is enough for a man to climb through, which is why it is called a manhole. This does not necessarily mean, the sewerage it provides access to, is of similar size. Here are some technical drawings, to give an idea: WRN_STD_001A and state-of-the-sewers-2013. Sewerage pipes are smaller in diameter, than the manholes that provide access. I can not check the sewerage pipes over there in New York, but I would be surprised if there is sewerage piping large enough for a man to climb through, all the way from their prison cells to the outside world.


We can also study the pictures of the hole behind their cells.

Unfortunately, this is all we have. We see a post-it, but do not know its size. A standard post-it is 7,6cm x 7,6cm. We also see an extension lead on the floor. A similar extension lead I have in my toolbox, has an electric plug of 8,5cm in length.

Am I wrong to think this pipe has a diameter of about 30cm to maximum 40cm? If it is 40cm, it might be just possible, maybe. 

CG1zVQ2XIAMkRN3 To the left you see a prison guard next to the hole they had cut in their adjoined prison cells. How can this go unnoticed for days? A guy might just be able to crawl through a hole as small as this one.  

I have my doubts. And I know one thing for certain: They would be unable to use an extension lead cord for the full length to the manhole outside. This is extension lead is maximum 10 metres long.

Also, it seems impossible to make no noise drilling through metal pipes. Sound will travel through the prison block, when work is done in the sewerage, unless they use fancy laser tools.

What tools did they have? They had at least access to a screw driver [schroevendraaier] and pliers [tang] thanks to prison guard Palmer. Joyce Mitchell, 51, a civilian employee in the tailor shop in prison, gave them other tools, including hacksaw blades [zaagjes voor handzaag], chisels [beitel], a punch and a screwdriver bit [schroefkop]. I can think of no good reason to give convicts with a longterm stay access to these tools continuously. They secretly took these tools from the workshop to their cells every night, to work on their escape route. In the morning, they brought all these tools back to the workshop.

Authorities say that the guys cut through the backs of their cells, through a brick wall, and then got through a steam pipe before emerging from a manhole.  By the way, the prison employee Joyce Mitchel admitted to helping them knowlingly. God knows why she admitted. To me it seems a soap opera… Aren’t there any metal detectors in that prison building?

In below link you can see the route they have taken in the prison as well as a picture of Joyce Mitchell (with het son?). What uniform is that, by the way? Any American readers, US navy?

While America worries about the two convincts, worse criminals are not even questioned. 

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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