Like it never stops. Shiri Berg. Shirley Steinberg. Eelco Buitenhuis.

Eva Buitenhuis father (an academic researcher) I just learned, lives with a professor who studies “Youth Culture” at Calgary University in Canada. This Shirley Steinberg person, just a few months before the catastrophe in Park Randenbroek, posted a memorial facebook comment: Shiri Berg (age 22) died January 5 2005. At the age of 22 years old, you are old enough to make your own decisions, unless you are abducted by satanists.


Shiri Berg’s case was also a high profile case, as she died due to a cosmetic procedure.

Here we have Shirley Steinberg, who studies Youth Culture. She is now in a relationship with Eelco Buitenhuis, whose daughter died (age 21) May 6 2015 in Amersfoort. I already showed you, the way they are claimed to have died in Park Randenbroek: very unlikely.

Ahirley Steinberg Jewish Calgary 1010144_10152278597075325_773761708_nThe same Shirley Steinberg, who studies Youth Culture, also knew Shiri Berg. Shiri Berg went with the son of Shirley Steinberg to the Prom at State College PA. Imagine that. She dies a few years later in 2005, age 22. Her case was discussed in the media, as she was allegedly killed by the painkillers she used for a hair removal laser treatment. Beauty treatment.

Maybe we should look into this case as well, because again, it sounds unlikely. Loosing two young people sounds terrible. But both stories are highly unlikely.

The good news is, Shirley devoted her life to research on Youth Culture; The role of Media; and Multiculturalism. If anyone is doing exactly what the NWO people want her to do, it is Shirley Steinberg (she even did her hair, exactly the way the “elite” likes it).

ps. Look up Shirley Steinberg’s books on Amazon. This is NWO agenda. If I would not be sure about it, I’d not bring this story. The two seem to be a good match. 

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to Like it never stops. Shiri Berg. Shirley Steinberg. Eelco Buitenhuis.

  1. j v dijk says:

    I think you know already that Mark Buitenhuis got missing, he is from Helden, in Limburg, but original maybe from Den Helder.

  2. msgramsci says:

    I have no idea why you are writing this post. Eelco Buitenhuis, my husband, lost his daughter, Eva and her best friend, Bella, when they were struck by lightening in the park. The tree is still there, burned with the lightening, we all saw Eva’s body burned. To imply this is unlikely is inappropriate and insane. To connect this death with a death almost 10 years earlier because I was close to both girls and worked with youth, is mean and nasty. And, you don’t know how to write in English

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