Russel Brand. Who believes this?

This is Russell Brand – Does anyone believe this guy? Controlled Opposition it is. That’s why local agents like Micha Kat and Sunny Bergman also associate with Russell Brand.

Who is Russell Brand? In short:

  • Former drug addict.
  • Now: Comedian and famous person (which made him a milionair, no shame in that).
  • Turns into an activist and gets more media attention than any other activist.
  • His political ideas are on the left (social housing, open immigration, higher taxes >1%)
  • He is openly against the present UK political system [imo: we need to clean-up the system drastically, but not give-up on democracy]

What kind of questions do I have?

  • How come this guy gets so much media exposure? We all know why certain people do!
  • Why isnot he open about the fact that his former partner is from the Rothschild family?
  • How come his agenda is aligned with the agenda of the Trilateral Committee?

What I think? I think the global elite has taken the wealth of Western Europe and corrupted the government system on all levels. They do not even hide it. The next phase for them is, to propose a change in the system, that strengthens their position even more. Hence, types like Brand are needed. 

ps. Many homeless drug addicts are informants of secret service agents. Many secret service agents walk around als television personas. Many secret service agents walk around as activists. Of course not all are, just many. What is unique about Russell Brand, is that he is able to combine a set of professions that (often) have strong ties with agents. And secret service agents, often do social engineering projects for the banking system. This Russell Brand figure, he raises too many red flags with me (and others).  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Russel Brand. Who believes this?

  1. Die vent straalt toch helemaal uit dat hij fout is. En dan praten over ethiek en bewustwording. Ammehoela. Als je dat gelooft ben je gek.

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