Taft Point, Yosemite National Park: de laatste stunt van Dean Potter en Graham Hunt

taft-point-not-for-theLibby Sauter, a friend and climber from Yosemite area, shares on facebook the last basejump was on Taft Point in Yosemite Park. Dean Potter’s dog Whisper was not on this trip: He is fine! Appearantly Sauter let the dog out the day after. O, and Libby Sauter is a medical professional. [We have seen in other examples, how often witnesses have a background in medicine, theatrical performances and government in general] 

dean-hunt-1NBC News: Yosemite Chief of Staff Mike Gauthier said Potter, 43, and Graham Hunt died Saturday night after attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point (7500 feet, so 2280 metres). The men were trying to fly through a gap between two notches but smashed into a rocky outcropping, he said.

NBC News: The two men were photographed by their friend and spotter, who reported hearing two distinct pops as the two men crashed the cliffs. After trying desperately to make contact with Potter and Graham, she later sought help. [girlfriend Jean Rapp? link]

NBC News: A search-and-rescue mission began overnight Saturday, and a helicopter crew spotted their bodies early Sunday in Yosemite Valley. No parachutes had been deployed.

CNN:  The pair are believed to have jumped together, but were reportedly found at different points. [How can two men both crash right after each other, but not close to eachother? I do not have the answer yet, but it makes me wonder.]

SF gate: Mike Gauthier, the park’s chief of staff, said photographs show the two men jumping off Taft Point and then flying for about 30 to 45 seconds until they reached the pass with rock ridges on each side about a half mile away (800 metres from Taft Point!). [as far as I can tell, this when they reach Yosemite Valley and they deploy the chute?]

LA Times: Gauthier said he was told that neither of their parachutes deployed. The pair’s spotter, a woman, was at Taft Point during the jump but has asked not to be named. The jump happened at about 7.30 pm. [in my book, this is not yet sundown, in Calfornia, May] Crews in a California Highway Patrol helicopter spotted their bodies on the wall of rock along Yosemite Valley, and both were flown out, Gediman said. Potter and Hunt jumped separately but at about the same time, Gediman said, and their bodies were found on a rock outcropping below Taft Point.

Mashable: BASE jumping stands for “buildings, antennas, spans (such as bridges) and Earth (such as cliffs and mountaintops) that jumpers can parachute from. It’s illegal in all U.S. national parks, and it was possible the men jumped at dusk or at night to avoid being caught by park rangers. [I do not believe this: everyone knew they were doing this. Doing it at dusk or night, seems stupid, especially when one manouvres between a cliff… The only reason to base jump at night, is to make sure no-one sees how you reach the ground.]

Knox News: Their bodies were found in a notch they had already flown through about a dozen times, professional climber Alex Honnold said. No one knows exactly what went wrong. A gust of wind or a slight miscalculation could have sent them off course, hurtling into rock.

150518114033_dean_potter_base_jump_624x351_rexfeatures_nocredit-e1431952087711At the moment, I am just trying to find out what location from Taft Point down to Yosemite Valley their bodies are said to be found. The options for a route down are limited (see picture below).

What could have caused two experienced men (after eachother) to fly and crash screen_shot_2015-05-18_at_9.37.38_amthemselves. One person, possible. But two men both crashed, that is a hell of a coincidence. It is not like they collided and blocked eachother, cause that would have created one popping sound of two men crashing together.  Moreover, their bodies are said to be found 50 metres away from eachother. And they both knew the park through and through. I don’t see it. 

ps. How come they jumped Saturday at dusk (7.30pm), while their bodies were found Sunday? When wearing a highend helmet sports camera, a GPS is usuallly included?

pps. We have no reason to distrust the official story, as Potter’s dad made career in the USA army, right? (link) We can trust the USA army, sure we can. His dad even worked 3 years for the UN, so no reasons for alarm bells, right?

Dean Potter was sponsored by Adidas, a name I heard before in my own case. 

Who can know for certain they did not just jump from Taft Point and opened their parachute halfway the cliff? (here) No-one would have seen, except the one anonymous witness on Taft Point (who made the pictures). They had 2 hours to walk their way out of the park, before any rescue started. It is a National Park, so rescue workers will be willing to fake a rescue operation. No, I do not believe anything anymore, especially not when it is hyped in the media, like this. Maybe I am wrong, but this is way too much of a coincidence. One accident maybe, but two: No! 

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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