Flight 9252: With mechanical force, cargo doors can be opened! The smoking gun (part 2)

Isn’t it impossible to open doors inflight, due to the pressure difference? If that is true, how could the cargo door open? Answer: Yes, doors on the passenger deck are designed so that they cannot open mid flight, even when one opens all the locking mechanisms. However, not the cargo doors.

A320_inside-2_resizeCabin doors are designed to make it impossible to open them mid flight, either accidentally or intentionally. The plug door design ensures that when the pressure inside the cabin exceeds the pressure outside, the doors are forced shut and will not open until the pressure is equalised. Cabin doors, including the emergency exits, open inwards. They must first be pulled inwards and then rotated, before they can be pushed out through the door frame (because at least one dimension of the door is larger than the door frame). As a result, even when unlocked, the cabin doors do not open mid flight. It is impossible! Cabin pressure maks it impossible to pull them inside (which is necessary to open them outside).

19However, there is an exception: the cargo doors! They do not open inwards, before turning outwards. Why? Because all the unlocking handles can only be reached outside the airplane. Only when the plane has landed and is standing still, one can open the cargo doors. Which leaves one question: Is sabbotage possible? My answer is: Sabbotage is always a possibility. In fact, it is what likely happened on flight 9252.

Let’s look at the remains of flight 9252. There have been several video’s made of the search (link) and (link). We see parts of the cargo door at 2:40s in the video below.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_8242 A320 door - kopie

The cargo door. Let us forget for now about the handles outside, that are supposed to be used to open the cargo door, and try to define what is keeping the doors in the frame: 1) hinges on top, that are not visible from the inside when the door is closed; 2) the hydraulic arm (actuators) that push the door open/close; and 3) datch bolts e.g. locks below. Again, any expert in the field who can help out with details, please let me know.

1. The hinges. These perhaps have been replaced in Barcelona by similar hinges made with weakened metal. As a result, once the cargo door opens mid flight, the pressure put on the cargo door will break the hinges. The cargo door was lost and hit the right wing.

2. Hydraulic arms (actuators) seen at the 275px-DuctileFailureceiling and top of the cargo door, push the door open. These parts have been found in the remains. They are “broken”, which is not impossible given the crash. What is a surprise, is how they are broken. Under normal circumstances, metal bends before it breaks and when it breaks it is not a straight cut. Metal tears apart and normally bends before it does so (see the example in the picture above). What do we see here, in the 9252 flight remains?

SAM_2328 SAM_2329

At 2:45s in the video above, the remains of a cargo door actuator are visible (number 2). The way the arm in the picture left is broken, suggests the actuator has not been damaged in the crash, but has been cut by some sort of a sawing tool. It does not look like damage caused by the crash, since the metal shape has not been bend in any way, while the cut through the metal is a straight line. To me it seems the cargo door actuator has been tempered with.

3, Locks below hold the door in the frame. Somehow the door frame is broken (which is supposed to be impossible). The cargo door frame is one of the strongests parts of the fuselage. We find the cargo door remains in the below picture on the left. The part circled in blue, is definetely a part of the cargo door frame.

We see how the door frame has been scattered to pieces and these pieces are blackened (in that order!). This is not caused by the crash. The crash would not scatter the frame into pieces like this. And the heavy burns are not caused by a fire after the crash, since the parts next to these door frame remains on the ground, show no fire damage. Somehow the door frame was sabotaged in the air and then burned heavily.

273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309 273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309

As both the door frame and the door actuators are tempered with, the theory of pilot Sonderheimer bringing down the plane by automatic pilot and framing Lubitz, while leaving himself (with some team members) in time through the cargo door, becomes more and more likely. They would need an ejection cabin in the cargo area next to the door. This is nothing more than a very expensive parachute, launched out of the plane, leaving burn marks on the location where it is launched.

The more I read about flight 9252, the more I believe Andreas Lubitz is framed for a mass murder he did not commit. In my opinion, this was a well planned false flag attack. Secret service agents again show their darker side and the media is simply printing propaganda. Who benefits this time?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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