Kiev crucifixion video: What does it mean? A pattern emerges. Moscow and Kiev, friends (secretly) or foes? Is this all a sick hidden plan to set the whole world up against eachother?

In the past few days we analyzed the crucifixion video and discussed how it is a fake execution, taped in a film studio: a fake background, fake crucifixion and fake fire.

Where does the video come from? And what does it mean?

It is first distributed by Russian TV Zvevda (link). TV Zvevda is the nationwide TV channel from the Russian ministry of Defence. In 1998 Central Television and Radio Studio of the Russian Ministry of Defense wins the tender to broadcast the channel in the competition. On July 17, 2000 Zvezda channel is licensed for broadcasting. Like many odd stories we find out about these days: it started between 1998-2000.

The Russian article on TV Zvevda is translated by a website Fort Russ (which I do not know). As I do not speak any Russian, all I can do is copy-paste this translation:


Ukrainian neo-nazis from Azov batallion burned alive a Novorossia resistance fighter on a cross

Ukrainian fighters from a nationalist voluntary regiment “Azov” sent a video of an execution of a Novorossia fighter to militia fighters and hackers from “Cyberberkut”.   “According to the authors of this video, the footage was filmed near the village of Shirokino, and “all the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same“, –  “Cyberberkut” quoted the message from “Azov”.

The footage shows how several punishers tied their victim to the cross, stuck the cross into the ground, and set fire to the wooden structure. “This will not add fear neither to us nor the Armed Forces of Novorossia: we have already experienced too much in this life! But after this hardly anyone will capture “Azov” members alive” – responded the hackers to the atrocities of the security forces.0_949db_5f9cb96b_XL

The authenticity of the video is not yet reliably confirmed. No official statements were made by the authorities of DPR.  “Azov” is one of the most infamous units of the Ukrainian National Guard, was formed as a battalion, in the fall expanded to a regiment. The unit consists of staunch nationalists – Ukrainian and mercenaries from other countries. The regiment uses the symbols of SS of Nazi Germany on its flag. Atrocities, harassment and war crimes of “Azov” fighters against the civilian population were repeatedly reported. Based in Mariupol.


The paramilitary group Azov forms the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine. These Ukrainian nationalist volunteers have repeatedly been accused of carrying out “ISIS-style war crimes” during the conflict, including beheadings. The unit was initially formed as the Azov Battalion on May 5, 2014 during the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine. Patrons of the battalion included Oleh Lyashko, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, and billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

Now the Russian ministry of Defence presents an ISIS-like video of an execution, as if it is a real execution: It is not! Is the Russian ministry of Defence that uninformed? -No, I do not think so. When I can find flaws in the video footage, Russian militairy and KGB analysts can too.-  Did the Russians made this film themselves to discredit the Kiev regime? One is tempted to think so, if only there were not too many coincidence…

A pattern emerges. Boris Nemtsov – Yulia Tymoshenko – Oleh Lyashko – Azov. Odd hoax movies. We have to think about this one. Is there some sick masterplan to fool us all? Do they all work together behind the scene, to set the whole world up against eachother?

Nemtsov en vlechten 25538-thumb-670x621 Clooney en vlechten download

Left: Boris Nemtsov (Russia) holding hands with Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine).

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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