Crucifixion in Kiev – Kruisiging in Kiev (24 April 2015) – Who made this video? (part 1)

Who-ever made this video, prepared for it! And the whole world knows how crucifixion as a death method, has symbolic meaning for Christians. What is this video? Who made it?

Peter_Gertner_-_Crucifixion_-_Walters_37246First, some background on the death method of crucifixion. The video above does not look like a proper crucifixion. Someone crucified actually dies because of pressure on the upperbody. The position on the cross stretches the upperbody and limits the capabilities of the lungs to breathe normally. This can cause several problems. It is a slow death, as the hanged man will for many hours have just enough capacity to breathe a little. How long it takes to die, depends largely on the way the feet are attached to the cross. When the feet are not bound to the cross, one dies sooner, compared to when the feet are bound to the cross. The process of dying can take several hours to even several days.

  • It appear’s the man’s feet are not attached to the cross. This makes it more difficult for the hanged man to breathe, as he can’t lift his body to increase the lung capacity.
  • Yet, they decide to attach not only his wrists to the cross, but they attached his upperarms to the cross too. This allows the hanged man to breathe more easily. Why? The whole concept of crucifixion is based on using the arms to put pressure on the upperbody, to decrease lung capacity. Attaching the upperarms to the cross will simply undo that. It releases most of the stress on the lungs.
  • What about the ducktape? How stupid are they? They prepared well, made a cross, bought knee protectors (!), but decide to use ducktape to hang the man? And immediately afterwards they set him on fire? I just went to my garden and tested it: Fire burns this kind of ducktape, but it melts first. Think about the chance of the man falling from the cross due to melting ducktape!
  • Somehow his legs remain straight when the cross is turned from the ground into an upward position. His bottom does not fall off the cross either, when the cross is raised. I am beginning to wonder if he secretly has some small step on the cross where he can put his feet on. If he would be really hanging without his feet attached, he immediately would have used his feet to get a hold on the cross and push his body upwards, which  helps to increase lung capacity. But no, he holds his feet still, close to the cross.
  • Even when they put in the fire, he holds his feet down. This is strange. The pain of burning alive is terrible. Mind you, if he would be able to pull his legs up (what any person would do automatically) he’d breathe more easily and not (yet) get burned.
  • In a last struggle to stay alive, a hanged man would not scream loud (he even has a piece of something in his mouth). It is more likely he would raise his face up, to avoid the heat of the flames and catch some air. For screaming one needs air-filled lungs.

I will analyze this video more closely and then report back to you on this!

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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