In 2009 France rejoined NATO. Does that make it safer over there?

NM402720_a_258424cPresident Charles de Gaulle infuriated the USA when he pulled France out of NATO’s military group in 1966, arguing he had to preserve French independence in world affaires. Forty-three years later, in 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy announced, France decided to return as a full-fledged member of the 26-nation military pact, the North Atlantic Alliance, which came together under U.S. leadership at the start of the Cold War in 1949 and has served as the basis for U.S.-European security relations since.  I wonder who is leading NATO (USA? UN?).

Here is a list of terrorist attacks in France. In the past few years, the number of terrorist attacks increased and so did the number of dead people. Also, attacks have been more focussed on civillian targets. The plane crash of Flight 9252 should be added to the list.

  • Charlie Hebdo (9-11 January, 2015)
  • Flight 9252 (24 March, 2015)
  • Nice vehicle ramming (14 July, 2016)
  • Paris attacks (13-14 November, 2016)

As citizens, we can not be sure who is realy behind it. It seems a large consortium, as else they would have been exposed by now.

Is NATO making us safer? They should! And the idea of having an independent army as a country, is actually a good idea. Alliances are just that: partnerships. Partnerships are good, but one should assure every member of the partnership stands strong on their own.

Yes, I think the Dutch should be involved in less wars, compared to what we are doing now. And also, we should have a proper army. I’ld love to have an army doing nothing.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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