Flight 9252 that crashed on March 24 2015 with 150 dead…. Team “United” again!

11133729_10203346684941800_7834730374392422408_n (1)Everything I see and read about this tragic event, all leads to one conclusion. Pilot Sonderheimer conducted a terrorist act, which was well planned in advance by multiple secret service agencies. When are YOU prepared to face what is happening in the world today?

  • A young co-pilot is blamed for a suicide plane crash, leaving 148 dead. On March 24 2015 a Germanwings flight 9252 crashes full frontal in the French Alps. The media tells us almost immediately, that nothing was wrong with the plane. Then the media tells us, co-pilot Lubitz had committed suicide, locking a captain out. Lies!
  • The evidence against the captain of the flight is very strong. It seems odd to focus solely on Andres Lubitz as the guilty one. In my opinion, the captain crashed the plane and blamed co-pilot Lubitz for it. Why else would someone take 11 minutes to crash a plane using the automatic pilot? It allows the captain the time to act as if co-pilot Lubitz locked him out, and then leave himself by escape cabin. Just in Time!
  1. The captain himself took the initiative to leave for the bathroom, which Andreas Lubitz could never have known beforehand.
  2. Co-pilot Lubitz never did anything that proves he did this, nor did he say a word. He might as well have been intoxicated during the whole event.
  3. Captain Sonderheimer proposed to programme the automatic pilot for landing very early, e.g. one hour before they would land in Dusseldorf. Lubitz did not respond very enthousiastic about that. Why would Sonderheimer need the autopilot? Because he needed time to escape the plane, while Lubitz was still in his chair (likely unconscious).
  4. This alternative theory explains the odd extreme “turbulence”; and how “the wing hit something”. Sonderheimer escape the cockpit through the door panel below, b4e9cdce0d with noteacted like he was locked out, and then went below deck. An ejection cabine was waiting. The rocketering mechanism of an ejection cabin explains the “voilent noise outside” and the “one strong shake/turbulance” at 10.40h. The below deck door must have hit the right wing, while he escaped (with an accomplish).
  5. Aimages (3) cabin manned ejection cabin can easily weigh as much as 970kg. This also explains how immediately after the “violent noise” and “sudden shake” (10.40h), the aircraft pulls it’s nose up a bit and increases speed, untill it crashed at 10.41h. After take-off, the loss of weight in the front of the plane causes that (link).
  6. There is even a smoking gun. Among the remains, the fully destroyed cargo door is found, blackened and broken. Ask anyone involved in Steel manufacturing or Aircraft production: How can this solid steel door frame have been destroyed? This is one of the strongest parts of an aircraft! The answer is: It can be destroyed by something as voilent as a rocketering mechanism.  Oh, and the rest of the plane didnot catch fire.   Focus 85713_1171176894 273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309
  7. It is unacceptable how the co-pilot Lubitz is already convicted in a trial by media, immediately. The anonymous captain Sonderheimer is a hero. Based on what? My educated guess is, that 148 valuable human beings died a terrible death and two terrorists escaped. The media is just bought to publish the propaganda for terrorism.

This was done professionally and planned years in advance, not by Andreas Lubitz.

SAM_1396ps. Clooney shows real class, dining at favorite Patsy’s restaurant in New York March 24. At least he has the decency to wear black. With Charlie Hebdo there was the suggestion in the media of a moral highground (he knows the actual number of people who died there).

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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