SMOKING GUN Flight 9252 : Why did the plane NOT burn like hell, while some parts seemed beyond burned? – BREAKING EVIDENCE


On 24 March 2015 the Flight 9252 of Germanwings Airlines is crashed into the French Alps. Almost immediately, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is blamed of a suicide mission. I have another theory. Today I present you again some pieces of the puzzle.

The A320 Airbus crashed full frontal, yet it does not catch fire.

There are only some parts of the crash scene with smoke and blackened parts. The rest of the scattered remains of the plane did not catch fire. Below, the blackened parts that did get burned are examined.

032615hubamfrcrash_1280x720 273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309 Top left: Burned parts to the left of the wheel (wheel under the central tank). Top right: Burned parts underneath the fuselage with the windows. 

To the right: In the front, left side of the picture, a pile of scattered burned remains. 

Germanwings in red  

With my limited knowledge in this field, I can only try and fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Any expert out there, don’t be shy and write me a comment. Let’s solve it before the whole world is scattered to pieces. We must stop this terrible and cruel nonsense.

First we will discuss the two top photos, then the bottom picture.

german wings accidentOn the right, a standard picture of an A230 Airbus, as used by Germanwings (ignore the tail in the back, that is just another airplane). On both sides of the plane are the letters germanwings in red. We cut & past two parts found of the Flight 9252. We found two pieces, that match together: “ma” and “anw”, with the “a” broken in two (added to the pic).

Both pieces are found with a pile of blackened fully scattered remains, while the rest of the plane shows no burns. I assume that the fuselage outside plate with the sign “anw” is fallen down the mountain, when it initially fell just a metre above the wheel (see picture above, where the small piece with “anw” is positioned on the mountain). Around these black remains are two smaller pieces of white metal with red signs (too small to recognize what it says). Both pieces show signs of a heavy fire on the inside.

The odd thing is, we have no reason to think the fuel tank exploded / caught fire during the crash. Mind you, the fuel tanks are located in the wings and in the main body exactly between the two wings! So what caused the fire in that location and why didnot the central fuel tank catch fire? I suspect…

The pile of scattered metal – A smoking gun!

The third picture is even more interesting. In the back the plane’s tail (the red and yellow metal structure). In the middle a piece of fuselage, which is oddly bend (the yellow side is the inside of the plane’s main body). To the left in front a pile of scattered blackened metal.

273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309 273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309

19I have studied the A320 production  documentairy and numerous A320 pictures online, which is why I know the blackened pieces are the remains of the large doors below deck. These provide access to the storage facilities below deck. Below two pictures of the A320 below deck storage doorframes. The pile of blackened remains are recognizable. It is the large metal doorframe, scattered to pieces and fully blackened.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 85713_1171176894 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Focus 85713_1171176894

The doorframes are one of the strongest parts of an airplane. These parts come from steel manufacturers who make (cast) them solid in one piece. What on earth can burn this material so badly, that it scatters into small pieces? They are broken! And why was this mysterious strong power localized around this area in the front below deck storage unit?

This blackened piece is the part of the doorframe (the opposite side as shown in the pictures above) of the storage below deck doorframe in the front of the plane. The storage doorframe has a very specific curve in the bottom corner.  This is obvious when the pictures of an intact A320 are compared with the remains of the A320 Airbus.

273234DD00000578-3021179-image-a-34_1427893801309The more I analyze this case, the more my alternative theory is supported. Patrick Sonderheimer crashed the plane and framed Andreas Lubitz. Why else crash a plane in 11 minutes with an autopilot? Because Sonderheimer needed time to frame Lubitz and leave the plane himself with an ejection cabin!  (the injection cabin was in the storage room below deck)

Ask anyone who ever worked at Hoogovens or Corus. At what temperature will a solid airplane doorframe blacken (even inside!) and be scattered to pieces? These doorframes are made to remain intact under extreme conditions (fire, ice, crashes). The material next to the doorframe on the ground is not burned at all. The burning happened before the plane scattered into the mountains.

Het is krankzinnig. Vraag het iedereen die ooit bij Hoogovens heeft gewerkt. Een deurpost voor een vliegtuig, bij welke temperatuur verkoold dat compleet? Zelfs de binnenkant van het frame is verkoold! Dat is niet gebeurd tijdens de crash, maar net daarvoor. Waarom? Het materiaal dat erom heen ligt op de berg, is niet verbrand! De deurpost (één van de sterkste onderdelen van een vliegtuig!) is mid-air verkoold. En daarna is het vliegtuig gecrasht. Ik ben bang dat mijn “ejection cabin” theorie waar is.

Nu weet ik het zeker: De nep-elite crasht een vliegtuig met 148 mensen, om zelf nog wat machtiger en rijker te worden. De foute piloot wordt door de media de hemel in geprezen (en is nu vast heel rijk ergens ver weg!). Andreas Lubitz is dood en zelfs in zijn dood besmeurd. Ik word hier kotsmisselijk van. Wie kunnen we nog vertrouwen? Die passagiers betalen goed geld voor een vliegticket om op vakantie te gaan. Ze dienen slechts als kanonnenvlees. Europa. We leven in het jaar 2015. Wie heeft hier nu weer voordeel bij?

Heel politiek Den Haag weet dit en werkt mee aan dit soort plannen. Het geeft hen bestaansrecht in het zieke hoofd. Ziek. En zij doen alles voor de nog ziekere internationale nep-elite. De media is nep. De nieuwe media is nep. De politiek is nep. Ik ben ontzettend kwaad. Waarom pikken we dit nog? Wanneer word jij boos? Pas als jijzelf in zo’n vliegtuig zit met je gezinnetje en de piloot neemt de benen met de meest dure parachute mogelijk? Dan pas? Dan ben je dus te laat. [hieronder een video van waar de wrakstukken lagen]

Do I need to spell it out? The airplane of flight 9252 was crashed full frontal into the French Alps, while it didnot catch fire. Some parts (doorframe of the below deck cargo area) of the plane show damage of an extreme fire. This doorframe is below the text “Germanwings”. This area is the only location in the airplane, where the pilot could have escaped using an escape cabin (an ejection seat -or two seats- in a protection cabin).

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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  1. elizabeth says:

    ja maud ik weet het en ben kwaad.

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