Flight 9252: Let’s look at both the pilot and the co-pilot to see who is more likely to …

image001.jpgAlmost immediately after the tragic crash of flight 9252 on March 24 2015, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is blamed for the crash. Based on the fact that he was in the cockpit and still alive during the crash, he is blamed. For me it is just as likely, that Patrick Sonderheimer did it and framed Andreas Lubitz. Why did they point at Andreas Lubitz immediately, before all evidence could have been gathered and analyzed?

This is what CNN wants you to think about Andreas Lubitz. And this: linklink and link.

  • andreas-lubitz-glider-hangarAndreas Lubitz (age 27) was member of an amateur flying club since he was 14 years old. They appreciated him over there.
  • Being a pilot was his dream job.
  • He was healthy enough to do sports and compete in running matches / marathons.
  • He just got out of a relationship (living together). He thus lived part-time with his parents and part-time in his own apartment (where he had lived together with his ex).
  • Before 2009 he had some sort of depressed feelings, for which he sought help.
  • In 2014 he was in a car accident, with the airbag injuring his eye (but not heavily). He sought treatment for that, as pilots need to be sure their eye sight remains perfect. It is unknown to me who caused the accident.
  • His parents nor ex-partner saw any reason to question if he was healthy enough to fly.
  • He did not say a word in the cockpit that would indicate or explain suicide.
  • Lubritz did tear-up a doctor’s sickness note, that would have allowed him to stay home from work for that day. [Personally, I would like to know who the doctor was who wrote this note and have this doctor evaluated as well: why was the note written!]
  • They found nothing in his apartment related to religious or political extremist views.
  • There was no suicide note nor anything that indicates he did this.

andreas-lubitz1To be honest, I see no reason to declare Lubitz “depressed” in the media. There are no indications at all! His relationship problems? Please. The guy is 27 years old. In good health. He is a pilot, his dream job. Stewardesses are likely flirting with him every day. He seems a nice (good looking) young man, with normal life problems. And again, I am not the only one who doubts this story. Other pilots question it too. To the left an 2013 article.

What do we know about captain pilot Patrick Sonderheimer (age 34)? Not much. There are no pictures of him. There is no Linkedin.com profile with his name (but the same is true for Andreas Lubitz, maybe pilots don’t do social media). The odd thing is, I can not find anyone on Linkedin.com with the last name Sonderheimer! Is he the last of a dying family tree? In fact, there is nothing about him on the internet before the crash. This is very strange. What do we know about him? Only what the media tells us:

  • He is mentioned as a hero, remembered for his attempts to save flight 9252.
  • The name Sonderheimer does not give older hits in google, while Sondheimer does.
  • There are no photos nor video footage of him released by the press.
  • He worked with Lufthansa (Germanwings) over 10 years, with over 6000 flight hours.
  • In 2014 he requests to fly for Germanwings in Lufthansa, to be home more often.
  • Before Lufthansa he started his flying career with Condor airlines.
  • He was trained at Lufthansa Flight Training School in Germany.
  • Anonymous colleague “Dieter” said he had a wife and two children: “He was someone very reliable, he was one of the best pilots we had. I am 100 percent sure they did the best they could. That’s what I think because I knew him very well, he was one of the best, he had a lot of experience, he had more than 6,000 flight hours behind him.”.

We do not know the age nor sexe of the two kids. I thought newspapers liked to personalize these stories and make images of “the family he leaves behind” concrete? Dear reader. Please start reading the media differently. Wonder why they use certain ‘wording’. Little phrases like: “According to Bild and Europe1, Sonderheimer was married and the father of two children. His co-worker, Dieter, told Europe 1 that Sonderheimer was a “good man” with a nice sense of humor.”  Why on earth do they need to add “according to Bild and Europe1”? Why do they need to add “Dieter told” in every phrase where they say anything about Sonderheimer? Maybe because elsewise they are responsible themselves for checking data behind the statements they make? I do not know, but I do wonder.

While they position Andreas Lubitz in the media with all the footage they can find (doctor’s notes, his house, his hobbies etc), they do not show us the video film of the moment both pilots get on the plane. That is what I want to know. What did Andreas Lubitz look like when he boarded the plane? How ill is he, or is the doctor exaggerating? Of course, my hidden motive here is: I want to see also this Patrick Sonderheimer guy.

Who do you think is more likely to bring down a plane with 150 people in it, calmly, slowly, and controlled? 

In my theory, Patrick Sonderheimer is the more likely suspect. They would select Andreas Lubitz as the perfect patsy, perhaps even deliberately causing him some (small) eye problems. It is not difficult to do internet searches on someone else’s phone when you are a colleague at Lufthansa. Now why would a trained pilot do internet searches about committing suicide and cockpit doors? If he would want to bring down the plane: he already knows how to lock the door being a pilot and he also knows how to bring down the plane in 2 to 3 minutes manually. The searches are -again- a good way to frame him.

11133729_10203346684941800_7834730374392422408_n (1)Update: After I wrote this article, they published a picture of Sonderheimer! This is the crew of the 4U 9252 flight. The person most left is Patrick Sonderheimer. To the right of him, Lubitz. Next the 4 stewards. Finally we have some pictures. RIP.

ps. I still can not find anyone with the name Sonderheimer in the FAA pilot database, while Andreas Lubitz is mentioned.

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