Flight 9252 ~ Let’s rethink: Who started it? Who benefits? What explains ALL data?

imagesImmediately, captain Patrick Sondenheimer is a hero and co-pilot Andreas Lubitz has a mental illness. The mainstream media mainly talks about the psychology behind what happened (which is subjective) and the “horror of it all”.

I do not want to judge, before I have seen the facts. The official stories might be true, but I have my doubts again. Being from a business environment, I don’t go for the most interesting stories (often gossip based on needs of the needy). I simply ask three questions:

  1. Who started it?
  2. Who benefits?
  3. What explains ALL data found?

Often the most interesting part is: What are they ignoring as answers to these questions?

1. Who started it? 

This is a short flight. The co-pilot could never have known beforehand the pilot would go for a bathroom visit during the flight. In fact, it is likely unexpected. Germanwings mostly does short flights within Europe, with Germany as a home base. On most flights a captain will not even leave the cockpit. The flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf takes 90 minutes.

The pilot decides to leave the cockpit. It is his job to assess how well a co-pilot is handling the situation. Locking the door after someone leaves the cockpit is done automatically in an A320. The door is automatically on “Autolock”. That means it is locked, unless someone has the access code to unlock the door. The captain will have the code to enter.

A pilot can still “deny” access, when someone tries to unlock the door with the code, but that requires one hand on the door “deny” button on the dashboard. The same applies for unlocking the door for someone who does not have the access code. Both require the pilot to keep one hand on the “doorlock” on the dashboard.  This means that if a pilot loses consciousness, a colleague will be able to unlock the door with a code.

In sum, it was the captain who decides to leave the cockpit. It is the captain who proposes to prepare for landing, one hour before the intended time of landing! And we do not hear anything from the co-pilot after the captain leaves, except breathing.

2. Who benefits? 

Certainly not the poor people on the plane and their relatives. My sincere condolences!

The co-pilot lost his live (which he perhaps wanted). If the co-pilot wanted to make a statement, why didn’t he make a statement? There is no message at all, which suggests why he would do this to 150 people he does not even know. They did find his remains.

The captain has been killed, but he is mentioned as a hero (Why? He left to go to the bathroom! Everyone in the plane is as much a hero as he is). I feel sad for his family.

We have no idea how this will impact Germanwings as a company. I don’t think it will benefit them in any way.

I am afraid this whole incident will be used, to start propaganda to control airplanes from the ground. This means that pilots still fly the planes, yet when troubles arrive, ground control is able to take-over control of the airplane. This sounds safer (in the light of what happened to the 9252 flight), but there are some risks involved when outsiders can gain control over an airplane. Secret service agencies can do anything with a plane!

Of course, the World Government To-Be gains. Anything that increases feelings of insecurity throughout Europe, will help them obtain a mindset (in our minds!), so we might allow them to set-up a World Government with worldwide police control. The more attacks/terror on TV, the more likely the people will accept any solution someone with a friendly face promises.

3. What explains ALL data? 

I am not sure. I still have many questions unanswered when considering the official story. They say there is a Cockpit Voice Recording and a mobile phone video found.

  • Why can’t I hear the voice recorder of the cockpit? (journalists have heard it!)
  • Can I see the video that is made inside the plane? (journalists have seen it!)
  • Why are witnesses only interviewed shortly so no consistent picture emerges?
  • At what point in time are we certain the captain leaves the cockpit?
  • When does the plane start descending? When is this programmed?
  • How much time does it take to re-program the automatic pilot program, into a descent that will make the plane crash into a mountain within 11 minutes?
  • Why does the co-pilot not take control over the aircraft manually and steer it down himself (instead of re-programming the automatic pilot to accelerate the descent)? “The co-pilot uses the flight monitoring system to start the descent of the plane”.
  • What happens with the plane just seconds before the crash?
  • What part of the fuselage of the plane is found upstream (before the crash)?
  • Where is the captain’s body found?
  • Why don’t we hear any other cabine crew helping the captain? (e.g. stewards)
  • How do eye witnesses on the ground describe what they have seen (in detail)?
  • How long did this particular plane stay on the ground in Barcelona for maintenance?

Paul-Andrew-BramleyTo be continued. We all have an obligation to check and be certain”our” government handles situations like this appropriately. I know we can not simply trust, what the media tells us. This is not normal. Not okay. We will get back to you!

Victim, Paul Bramley, UK.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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